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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ms. Fluke is really a what? You tell us you liberal "free speechers"

Well I had to come back for this post on my personal blog to discuss the opinion Rush Limbaugh has exhibited in the clip from his show.  It is supplied by the Daily Caller, a conservative  website founded by Tucker Carlson.  HERE is the latest article on Fluke which is quite an eye opener.

So what do we make of this?  Is this an attack on free speech by the democrats?  Is this a campaign stunt by the left to raise money from the phony outrage of Limbaugh's words?  If you watch the video you will hear Limbaugh withdrawing his term "slut" yet the left doesn't tell the unsuspecting listener or reader that he did.  They do what they always do, parse the sentence and use a , dot, dot, dot.

I would not have used the term "slut" as Rush did.  I wonder though what the correct term is for a 30 year old woman, a law school student, a woman who pays 25 grand a semester for school tuition, who asks the tax payers to buy her condoms?  What exactly describes her accurately?  Is $300 over three years too much money?  How many condoms is that anyway? 

It is interesting to me she would choose a Jesuit school where morals and religion are taught but I suppose she did to try and force her views on sex and condoms on the rest of the institution (what would Jesus think?).  For goodness sakes, why try to destroy the religious freedom?  We  hear about the "separation" argument the left shoves down our throats all the time! Then they turn around and try to force secular laws on a religious institution?  There is no sanctuary from the secular hedonist lefties I suppose.  This female Fluke also appear to be a leftwing activist in many other places and institutions.

No, I don't want her to be able to somehow force a secular government mandate onto a religious organization.  That is a very scary step.  Obama called this female up and congratulated her for her testimony in front of the phony committee, chaired by the democrats.  Now why would he do that?  Because she fits the bill as someone who could be a sympathetic character and those mean rascally Republicans were picking on her?  Probably.  I have not seen any crisis the democrats did not try and raise money from.  Did they raise any from Monica Lewinsky's blue dress expose?  Probably.

Rush withdrew his use of the term "slut" and I agree he should have.  What is fascinating to me though is the lionization by the left/democrats of Larry Flint, Hustler Magazine's founder and purveyor of smut.  His magazine portrays women as sluts in their letters and pictures.  The left made a movie about him and his battle to protect "free speech" and yet he is a GOD and Rush is a scofflaw?  The democrats are an embarrassment to ethics in my view. It is all about the money for the left.  They never see a crisis go to waste.  Go get that moullah you leftwingers, you are the true, whatever Rush said.

HERE is a brave article on the left's misogamy by a liberal woman. Bravo Kirsten Powers!

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  1. Well, the happy ending is out. KNCO will keep the cash cow, Rush Limbaugh, on their station. I did not really ever think they would change that. I have sent the station a congrats email and offered my expertise as a radio host if they desire a additional voice. LOL.

    Over on the leftwingnut blogs, the posters are pouting. Many admit they never listen to KNCO so my guess is their honesty helped doom their position. Liberals are just dumb aren't they? They also think there are businesses that instruct KNCO not to run their ads during the busiest show. Now where would they get that info. Hmmm.Are these people really that stupid?

    Then there are the nuts like Brad Glasse. He seems to be a consistent commenter all over the place and he is truly nauseating. He has an opinion on just about everything, sort of like Keachie and Pelline. Well someone told me the Glasse fellow wasn't even a registered voter! Now that takes a bit of moxy to tell everyone how important you are and then not even be a voter! I bet he is a renter, never owned a house and probably on some government program? LOL. That is the left in our community. A bunch of know-it-alls and they don't even listen to a radio station they are going to boycott (what a hoot) and don't even vote yet bash the political system. Only in Nevada County, the "red" county.


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