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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama is toast as long as gasoline cost is high. And some other things.

We have all seen the Youtube videos of the fawning lamestream media's attempts to help Obama brush off the terribly high gas and related energy prices.  The cost of a gallon of gas is over double from when he took office.  When Bush was President the press excoriated him on a daily basis about the price and now those same numskulls from the media praise Obama for them.  The world of the over educated journalist is off from reality by 180 degrees.

Some people think the Dow Jones average is the true test of the health of the American economy.  Those people think regular everyday American voters care about the stock market so much that because it goes up, then that must mean Obama did it.  Or Bush, or Clinton.  No the average American voter is concerned about the gas price, it is that simple.   The democrats have have tried to dumb down the electorate to a level they thought  would give them  control.  Make everyone dependent on them they thought.  They control the education system, the government at all levels of the bureaucracy, the Unions and yet they can't see why they will lose.  They think the stock market is the indicator.  Nope, it is the commodities market. The place where all the essentials of human life are traded.

My guess is Obama has dug his own political grave with his policies banning or regulating out of existence domestic energy production and transportation.  I say good and I think the polls are now showing I am right.  The support is headed south.  He is at 41% approval which is the lowest he has seen since his election.  He and his pin-headed advisers have misread the people.  They have wrecked the economy and the people will punish him and boot him from office this November. 

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