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Monday, January 2, 2012

This blog will be sleeping but may wake up from time to time.

I'll be over at CABPRO and one of my first duties ill be to expose the leftwing hypocrites in our county.  They have been relentless attacking our citizens for being hypocrites but when their background is exposed on CABPRO's blog, all will see they are the true hypocrites.  The two biggest yappers and fingerpointers against the upstanding citizens of our county will run away and hide when exposed to the light of day.  It will be a cleansing of our body politic when these scofflaws are made transparent.


  1. OK, so let this become a sleepy blog, but that doesn't mean that you can't release your energies on the CABPRO blog. Keep up the good fight, and take no prisoners.

  2. Todd,

    Please deal in the facts, most of the time bombast gets ignored. Simple straight forward fact are the most powerful message. Use the power of language to examine the left's positions, and then present the real world facts. Intelligent readers will draw the right conclusions, there will be no need for name calling.

  3. What happened to all the lip service from your recent threats?

    How come we haven't seen anything? Is it more hot air from a very little man? I think so!

    D. Smith

  4. You are a sock puppet davyboy but I'll leave your comment so others can laugh at you as I do.


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