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Friday, December 9, 2011

EPA thwarted by House Republicans on "Dust"!

When I first heard this a while back I just could not believe our government was serious.  But, like most things the government folks think up to control us, I was wrong.  The EPA actually was formulating new regulations on the dust created when a farmer plows his field.  HERE is a article on the House's passage of a rule to keep the EPA out of the farm dust regulation, the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, H.R. 1633.

Of course the EPA denied it was considering such a thing, (yeah right), but we know a government that denies humans water in our Central Valley so they can give it to a dinky worthless fish is certainly not to be trusted with dust.  he House vote was 268-150 with 33 democrats actually being momentarily coherent enough to support the bill!  I would call this a "bi-partisan" endeavor wouldn't you?  One thing I learned about dust today in the local Union newspaper was a snowflake would not be able to form if there were not a dust particle to attach to.  So, the EPA is trying to stop snowflakes?  Yeah, those unintended consequences we on the right always warn about. 

I read a few years back that dust storms in the Gobi desert of China/Mongolia put millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere (and it reaches us!) and HERE is a Chinese study on just that subject. It is a good sized PDF and your eyes may glaze over but it seems even the industrious and creative Chinese can't figure out who to fine for all that Gobi dust.  So thank you to the House Republicans and those momentarily coherent 33 democrats for doing a common sense thing.  Of course, we know it will not be heard or given a chance to even be voted up or down in the "incoherent" US Senate run by the democrats and their fearless leader, Herr Harry Reid.  But at least we know this kind of regulation will be exposed as long as we have common sense Republicans in charge of one chamber.

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