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Friday, December 9, 2011

Republicans in the House submit payroll tax cut plan, 192 Billion and fully paid for!

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi conferring on the cost of hay
HERE is the article announcing the the plan and as usual the democrats, led by Obama, are threatening to defeat it.  Harry Reid and his band of short timers will not even allow a vote!  Is this America or Venezuela?  Is Harry Reid our country's version of Hugo Chavez?  I say yes.  We need to start calling Harry Reid ,Hugo the Second! 

The summary can be read HERE on Speaker Boehner's website.  It is a very common sense attempt to plug the hole in the leaky levee and the American people deserve its passage.  Now in my opinion I hope the Republicans hold their ground and don't let the democrats start picking the bill apart.  I guess a bunch of jobs, some say 20,000 now and 400,000 later would undermine Obama's class warfare strategy so he wants the XL Pipeline yanked.  So far Boehner and McConnell are standing pat.  How can Obama claim he is for jobs when he seems to veto them art every turn?  Obama even said yesterday that unemployment payments were going to create more jobs than the pipeline!  The man is unqualified to be our President just on that statement alone!

So hang in there Republicans, we know you will do your best to get the government out of the way so we in the private sector can save America from the democrats. 


  1. 400,000 American jobs for a pipeline? No way, no how. Stop insulting people's intelligence please.

  2. Read the reports then get back to us. BTW, you need to have intelligence before you can be insulted. LOL!

  3. Pete, Todd exhibits insight when sighting your intelligence with regard to your comment about jobs.

    I will attempt to increase your intelligence.

    We are exporting gasoline. The pipeline is for crude. Increased raw material for value added process provides opportunity for profit. Profit opportunity in the private sector is the best generator of real jobs. There is a difference between jobs that produce exportable value added product and those that provide domestic services. The difference is how much revenue those jobs actually add to our economy. In case you don't understand this that would be funds brought in from other countries. Not to mention the difference between private sector jobs and those directly funded by the government. It is private sector jobs that increase our GDP and any job that contributes to exportable value added product has the effect of generating other jobs. Value added exportable product has by far the largest effect in generating other jobs.

    Now, thank me!

  4. Pete just got some schooln'.

  5. The 400,000 BS is a WILD FIGURE concocted by the oil industry. What a surprise!

    Cornell University Global Labor Institute: Based On TransCanada's Numbers, "The Project Will Create No More Than 2,500-4,600 Temporary Direct Construction Jobs." From Cornell University Global Labor Institute's report:

    A calculation of the direct jobs that might be created by KXL can begin with an examination of the jobs on-site to build and inspect the pipeline. The project will create no more than 2,500-4,650 temporary direct construction jobs for two years, according to TransCanada's own data supplied to the State Department. [Cornell University Global Labor Institute, September 2011]

    Nice try BOB W! Who's Schoolin' Who? LOL.

  6. School's in session BOB. Lets continue.

    Cornell University Global Labor Institute: "Based On The Figures Provided By TransCanada For The Canadian Section Of The Pipeline, The New Permanent US Pipeline Jobs In The US Number As Few As 50." From Cornell University Global Labor Institute's report:

    [T]he potential job impacts associated with KXL construction are quite small, both absolutely and certainly relative to the employment levels estimated by the Perryman study. In comparing these results with those from the Perryman study, it is useful to keep in mind that even results based on the Perryman study would be much lower, once they are adjusted for more realistic project cost assumptions.

    Starting with the Perryman study total employment estimated for project construction (119,000 person-years), the Perryman results can be adjusted for more realistic project cost assumptions. Also starting with the $6.6 billion in project costs assumed by Perryman, and adjusting for the $5.4 billion project cost for KXL in the US, the adjusted Perryman result is about 97,000 person-years. Next, instead of assuming a $4 billion KXL US project cost not yet spent, the adjusted Perryman result drops to about 72,000 person-years. And finally, assuming a $3 billion KXL US cost not yet spent or committed, the adjusted Perryman results drops again to 54,000 person-years.

    So even if it is assumed the Perryman study provides a reasonable estimate of job impacts per dollar spent on pipeline construction (i.e. 18 person-years per $1 million), total job impact will be much lower than the Perryman results once a more realistic budget is assumed for project construction. And whatever is estimated for total employment impacts, it must be spread over the relevant period in order to meaningfully estimate annual impacts. For KXL construction, the relevant period is at least two and perhaps more likely three years.

    In this context, it is also important to consider that almost all of the jobs (direct, indirect and induced) associated with Keystone XL will, of course, also be temporary. The operating costs for KXL are very minimal, and based on the figures provided by TransCanada for the Canadian section of the pipeline, the new permanent US pipeline jobs in the US number as few as 50. [Cornell University Global Labor Institute, September 2011]

  7. One thing about studies I have learned especially on eco issues and jobs is you can find a myriad of them to favor both sides. I think I will recommend the construction of the pipeline. So I am going with those studies that favor that.

  8. Jackson,

    Because of your dishonesty, tonight while you are asleep your tongue will swell up and choke you to death.

    The first thing that should be considered here is how vacuous you truly are. You aren't even capable of an original thought. You have to go out on the web to your leaders to find out how to respond.

    For the benefit of those who are capable of unbiased critical thinking I will explain how irrelevant what you have, cut and pasted from Media Matters, is

    Jackson's biased self serving pompous plagiaristic quotation is intended to divert your attention from the main advantage of the pipeline. That being jobs created other than those related to construction of the pipeline itself. These liberals like Pete and Jackson could care less about our private sector economy. In fact they are threatened by it and take every opportunity to interfere and obstruct with the facilitation of the private sector and export of value added product. This is abundantly clear in the incoherent diatribe exhibited by Jackson where in his last paragraph where he twists and contorts what he has quoted previously into an incoherent unrelated unsubstantiated mess that he is to ignorant to discern doesn't make any sense what so ever. Jackson is so clueless he even tries to convince you that a pipeline and the material it transports are temporary.

    Go back and review my explanation of job creation with respect to the pipeline and the product it concerns and then see how not one aspect of what I addressed was related to the irrelevant dog and pony show that Jackson has performed for you.

    If you even give this kind of logic the benefit of doubt you are disrespecting yourself.

    No thanks necessary.

    PS: Smells of FUE. Easy to see why Ackerman had to let him go. Just a no talent hack!

  9. Jackson, since you say the jobs direct and indirect of the pipeline are temporary, could you explain to us how a pipeline, like say, a water line to a steel factory should be treated regarding the steel worker jobs?

  10. Since this is MY realm, I can't help but wonder just how many lives I have made better. How many new jobs were created due to my "temporary work". Water lines. Sewer lines. POWER Paved roads. Housing. Shopping centers. ( been to Target in Auburn? One of my personal favorites)
    With any luck Jackson's sewer will back up in the vary near future. Then he will be looking for someone with a "temporary job". I bet he won't dig up and fix that on his own.

  11. Jackson, "dig", "fix". We all know how likely that would ever be. If you think about a little you start to better understand why he and his type are so depended on YOUR tax dollar!

    There are MEN and then there are men.


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