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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Russian elections questioned

The recent Parliamentary elections which supposedly gave Vladimir Putin's New Russia party at least a 50% take is under international skepticism. Why would anyone think the old KGB boss would do anything anyone would suspect?  HERE and HERE are articles where Putin slams our own Hillary Clinton for even saying there might be a question as to the veracity of the New Russia majority. My my my, Putin has some thin skin doesn't he?

I have friends who used to be citizens over there.  There are now citizens over here.  They remember Putin and the KGB and they remember the tactics foisted on them to make them be quiet.  We know you can't expect a political party or a person in charge of the country to last too long.  In America we change the leaders all the time and at the local level too!  In countries with authoritarian rule, the people get shortchanged because the elections are usually rigged.  Even with monitors the wily dictators or "presidents for life" figure our a way to cheat.  Many say the Putin machine has cheated.

What history has shown us is some people can't give up their power and like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela or the "little Hitler" of Iran, we see a clamp down on the press and then it being replaced by government mouthpieces.  That is what has taken lace in Russia and still the people in opposition would not be quieted.  Social media seems to be playing a big part in the questioning of the Putin machine.  He is not liking it so he does the usual dictator strategy of diverting people's attention to another "enemy".   Putin even said he would deploy nukes to offset a NATO deployment, some say it is a veiled threat of a nuke war for goodness sakes. HERE is an article on Clinton's response.

And who or what is the threat Putin wants to divert his Russian people too?  America!  He says we are interfering and that is just plain terrible.  Never mind he and his lackey Medvedev have had many public opinions on our elections and others around the world.  Now their ox is being gored so he has to threaten.  That is what a KGB boss does.  Just like a Mafia boss, the people with the power and the weapons to enforce their power always threaten.  I dare say most Russians I know are peace loving folks and are saddened with the Putin Strategy.

Many people around the planet are asking for another election or at least a recount of the ballots.  Witnesses throughout Russia said they saw ballot box stuffing.  If Putin really wants to be the "man" he should have a redo and then abide by the results.

In America we elect someone and if they don't do the people's bidding, we do our best to boot them.  But we do it without a threat of nuclear holocaust for goodness sakes.  So hey, Putin, just do it right man.  You can then say if you are the winner that it was the true will of the people.  If you lose, retire to the dacha on the Black Sea and practice karate.

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