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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Susan Boyle to appear in a movie of her life

Susan Boyle is an underdog.  She is that British lady who at age 47 went on the Britain's Got Talent show in 2009 and rocked the music world.  She doesn't look like the folks the music world and the Hollywood moguls think a singer should look like and when she was being interviewed on the stage before she sang that first time, you could see the snooty looks of the judges as they "judged" a book by its cover.  HERE is that clip of her and as you will see, she was a huge hit.

Susan is now world famous with many albums and fans and proves to me and many others that we all should not rush to judgement about somebodies talent because they don't happen to look like Marilyn Monroe or Cary Grant.  I have always wondered why some of the singers in church choirs, who have some of the greatest voicesv I have ever heard, are not scooped up and become famous but after seeing how Susan was treated in the beginning, I understood more clearly.  Here is the latest picture on Susan's newest album.  She has had a makeover. 
It is only fitting that she appear in a movie about herself.  She is truly a fine example of success.  Good for her!

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