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Monday, October 10, 2011

Song for the ungrateful unwashed occupying a private park on Wall Street. Too funny!

I saw this link somewhere else and it just shows us all how Americans can laugh and parody themselves.  Listen to the words and you will actually get the drift of the artist's opinion (while making dun of old hippie tunes) about the nuts protesting our economic system.  The college kids and the old hippies from the 60's still have never learned how good they have it here in this country.  We all agree though the government has interfered to every one's chagrin in our lives way too much.  No more stimuli, no bank bailouts (actually we still don't know where Bernanke sent the trillion bucks) and no more tax increases. I just wish the parents of these protesters had taught them to clean up after themselves.  They even crapped on a cop car in broad daylight! Was that the Steve's? Yikes!


  1. When I braught up the cop car crapper on "towntalk somewhat live"
    The usual crew adimently denied that taking place. Boy were they in for a buzz kill when they found out otherwise. Ya,,Ol' DM sure makes shit up.LOL

  2. Walt, your use of the supposed word "braught" really makes me hungry for a brat and a draught beer. Good time of year for that.


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