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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Huge nuke being dismantled, do them all across the planet!

When I was a kid here in Nevada County I recall hiding under my desk during drills simulating a nuclear attack by the Rooskies.  How my desk would protect me from four thousand degree heat and all the other physical things resulting from a nuclear blast was not even thought of by me or the rest of us munchkins.  We lived under the threat of M.A.D. for the first 41 years of my life.

 So after all the tears of insecurity Americans and Russians endured by the competition of capitalism/freedom and communism/slavery, we can breathe a little easier.  It seemed the quest to go backwards on nuclear weapons, meaning getting rid of them, has been the quest of people of all stripes except perhaps the nihilists.  I hate nuclear weapons.  I am a conservative American and I hate nuclear weapons.  The problem as I saw it all these years was the people that had them had to have them because the other guy had them.  If we or they did not have them then we or they could be extorted and perhaps become a servant to those that had them.  Whew!

So, now it appears we are dismantling a 10,000 pound monster, 600 times more powerful than the nuke we dropped on Hiroshima.  HERE is the article explaining in better detail the procedure. Obama is the latest President to keep the ball rolling on the removal of these monstrosities from the face of the earth.  Humans should never do this to each other again.  One needs to watch the Return to the Planet of the Apes to see what misguided humans were leading our planet's people to.  Why we were playing chicken with such a powerful destructive weapon makes me wonder how intelligent animals called humans could ever consider using them again.

Well, unfortunately there are something like seven other countries that have the "bomb".  Now with Iran pursuing one, we humans need to band together and keep the nuts from Tehran from getting one or two or three.  None is my choice.  When you have a bunch of Mullahs who think their saviour will be jumping out of the well somewhere within their borders you have to scratch  your head and ask yourself, are these people trustworthy with the bomb?  I say no. 

So, the USA has been paying millions to the Russians and the Ukrainians and others who have the bomb, to dismantle theirs and we are doing our as well (no unilateral dismantling though).  This is good and to me worth the cost.  When my kids and their kids can rest easy and not worry as we did, hiding under our desks in elementary school, then I will agree humans have returned to sanity.  I hope we replace M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction), with M.A.L. (mutually assured life).


  1. Agreed. 100%. Left, Right and Center should be arm in arm on this one.

  2. Being as close to Beale as we are, a hot war would have cooked Nevada County. Most of us who grew up here were aware of that fact. As I recall, the famous TV movie "The Day After" had a scene where some military guys at a missle silo heard that Beale was taken out.

  3. I hikes the Sutter Buttes early this year and there are silo's there. We would have been toast had there been a war.



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