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Monday, October 24, 2011

Cain brings out the real racists of our country and they are from the left

Bernie Richter

Ward Connerly

Martin Luther King
Clarence Thomas
Herman Cain
As long as the blacks were on the liberal "plantation" there was never a discussion about racism in America.  As soon as some blacks started to espouse conservative values, the slings and arrows of liberal outrage began.  How could a black man or woman be a conservative?  A Republican?  Uncle Toms, traitors to their race!  What did we march in Birmingham in 63' for?  Oh my God (as if the liberal believed in God anyway). Any time a black started up the ladder of success the race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would do their best to slap them down.  Claiming they were selling out to the white race.  Every time I heard this crap over the years I seethed with anger at the hustlers.

I have been what I consider a person who looks at the character of someone and not their race or ethnicity.  America is for anyone who wants a better life and pledges allegiance to the Constitution and the values we as American have developed over the centuries.  I was raised here in a county that had few if any minorities and my folks raised all of us to be respectful and tolerant of everyone.  I never had people talk in terrible denigrating terms about any race or ethnicity and that was in the 60's!

When I moved away to seek a better life in Southern California I got to know and become friends with many different people.  I had black, brown, Indian, and Filipino friends.  We were all working together and we all wanted to earn a better life.  We were no different and no one talked race or prejudice.  I am so grateful I was able to see people as the same rather than the segmented columns we now are forced through the liberals laws to recognize.  I have never said the "N" word or any racial slur against anyone.  But, according to the liberals, because I am a conservative I am some kind of racist!  What I have discovered though is the liberal is the true racist, not the conservative.

In the 60's the democrats were in charge of the governments of the south.  The blacks were trying to achieve freedom from segregation and unequal treatment and were battled by the democrats.  The Republicans, the party created to free the slaves a hundred years earlier, were the people trying to assist the southern blacks in their quest for equality.  Somewhere along the way the liberals hijacked the Republican efforts and with a liberal press, convinced the people the left was the real freedom fighters and the friends of the oppressed.  We n the right shut up for thirty years because we knew the allegation of racism was even worse than the actual act of racism and no one on the right wanted to be called a racist.  Until Clarence Thomas' conformation hearings, the left had the floor and the high ground regarding the issue of racism.  Thomas, a conservative black man, was almost destroyed by the lies of the left, the feminist's (abortion) and the likes of Teddy Kennedy and other liberals in the Senate.  I watched Anita Hill lie through her teeth about Thomas.  Hill was a tool of the left and because she was a black woman recruited by the left, the press was unable or unwilling to challenge her at the time.

I watch ed the hearings every day they were on and I was shocked the left would attack this well qualified man on so may lies.  The Republicans were looking at Thomas for his qualifications as a lawyer and a conservative.  The left was doing a"lynching" as Clarence Thomas stated during his testimony.  To me, this was an eye opener about the left.  Then for the next 20 years or so, the left had a hegemonic lock on the charge of racism against anyone who opposed any person or policy they deemed appropriate.  Proposition 209 in 1996 afforded the people of California an opportunity to see who the real racists were.

My friend Bernie Richter (our Assemblyman) and a man who I came to totally respect for his righteousness on race, a mixed race American,Ward Connerly,  were the front line men on the issue of true equal rights.  During the campaign we all got to see who the racists were.  They were the left, the liberals, the people in charge of the education system.  It was a tough campaign and Ward Connerly was called every racist name in the book.  They shouted him down at townalls, called him an Uncle Tom,  but Ward and Bernie persisted.  The people backed them up and Prop 209 passed.

I got to see real  bravery by people like Ward Connerly (American Civil Rights Institute) and Bernie Richter.  They were the true freedom loving Americans because they put their desires for equal rights, not quotas and affirmative action, right out their for all to see and critique.  To me they are as true a set of heroes as Martin Luther King (a registered Republican) and Pastor Shuttlesworth were in the 60's.

When Obama was elected I was proud to be an American because even though I disagree with most of his positions (as I do Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) I saw a man get elected who we were told by the liberals could never be elected!  Black Americans as well as most other Americans have lived up to our Constitution and proved all men are created equal.  However, since we on the right opposed Obama's policies the liberals called us racists.  Right here in little Nevada County, the local leftwingers

They accused conservatives of "code words" to hide their racism.  Any utterance of disagreement in any form was  ether proof of the right's racism.  Well, we showed it was a fallacious accusation and I am satisfied the left's techniques are unacceptable to most Americans.  The left has now started practising their true positions of racism on Herman Cain.

Cain was just someone in a Republican sideshow the left said.  They did not pay him any attention, they laughed at him and seemed to care less.  Now that Cain is up in the polls, the liberals are apoplectic about him.  They denigrate him and his abilities.  They make fun of his business acumen regarding Godfathers Pizza.  Making fun of his stint there.  He is not to be taken seriously and Obama is salivating at running against him they say.  He is not a politician, he is a buffoon they say because he makes some verbal errors.  But we on the right know the real reason the left hates him.  Even the "Congressional Black Caucus" has no use for him.  They call him all kinds of names.  Even though Jesse Jackson once said of Obama, "he was not down for the struggle" because Jackson felt Obama was not truly qualifies in black" American struggles.  No, Cain scares the Jackson's and the CBC and the Sharptons because he is a self made man who has American values and a drive to succeed.  He doesn't have a "black" this or a "white" that.  He is an American and a true success.  Liberals need to simply shut up about race and let Americans of all races and ethnicity's succeed.


  1. The left feeds on special interest. Race is a tool of the left. If everyone is considered the same with respect to needs, desires, ambitions and capabilities, then the left can't create the atmosphere of us against them or sell protectionism to special groups. The left has systematically created a customer base by convincing people of particular race, gender, sexual orientation, employment, or for that matter any people they think they can mold into a special interest, that they need the leftist politicians to protect them. Without special interest artificial dependency the left would be finished. And they know it! A-la "Community Organizer" is "Special Interest Organizer".

  2. If Mr. Cain becomes the nominee of the Conservatives, ( and I hope he does) Just what will "O" and the Left do with that new deck of " race" cards they just got done printing up?

  3. Liberals have had a long history of race bating, double-standards, and prejudice. Of course, they are quite open with their displays of hate towards anyone who they don’t agree with- just look at the words used to describe “Tea Party” members. And God forbid there be a conservative who has skin that isn’t white- they refer to them as an “Uncle Tom”- as if a black person couldn’t think for themselves, that they have only one choice, the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Party has an extremely dark and racist past. Our children did not learn in history class that the Klu Klux Klan was a militant terrorist arm of the Democratic Party and when Senator Robert Byrd died in June 2010 the fact he was once a high ranking member of the Klan in Mississippi for many years never got a mention in the MSM.

    As liberal “social engineering” policies began to take over across American inner cities throughout the 70s into the 80s and 90s, we have watched a new and more subtle kind of racism and slavery. The Democratic Party will make an entire race of people feel that they “need” them. Liberal politicians speak down to black Americans, making them feel they can’t make it without the social engineering programs that they themselves put in place - that in my mind is racist.

  4. Your last sentence says it all.


  5. Quite the obsession with race by the usual suspects on the local far right!

  6. Nice try George. All you did is display your sensitivity.

  7. Rather than discussing the post, Curious George does the liberal racist ropa-dope. Typical of the left.

  8. George's comment classifies as a supporting document! You should add it as footnote.


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