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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TPP vs OWS, no contest! Or who has the best strategy for victory

Are we living in a great time in human history?  Yes we are.  And, since I live in America, the greatest place ever conceived in the human mind we should all be happy right?  Well, no, in America we all get to vent any and all frustrations and we get to do it as individuals or as groups.  We can do it by marching, carrying signs and even as an OWS fellow did, crap in the daytime on a New York City police car.  I don't condone that, especially since he didn't have any Charmin handy, but, people will do those crazy things.

I have never been that outrageous in my days of protest and so my stories are not so, so, so, randy!  My stories are more about working in the system to make change.  I just could never bring myself to demean my folks by crapping in public, especially on a police car.  I guess that fellow must have been raised by wolves?  I have organized rallies, dinners and other political functions in my day and it was a lot of work but very rewarding.

I remember when I was the Chairman of the Republican Central Committee and Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich were coming to a huge rally in Chico in 1996.  David Reade, my friend and the Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Bernie Richter, organized the rally for his Butte County Central Committee.  Dole and Newt were flying in on a whirlwind tour through California during the Presidential year.  Well, I decided to see how many people I could get from here to go the rally.  I got a lot of interest and so I figured I would rent buses and take everyone up to Chico.  We filled four buses and had our own little caravan to Butte County.  It was a great day.  I got Newt's autograph and later watched Bob Dole, a decorated WW2 veteran, fall of the front of the stage.  I was right there but could not catch him.  The fall was all over the national and regional news for days!

My point is simply that you can do things to jjin up interest in politics, issues and politicians and affect change without crapping on a cop car.  You can even be clean in your body as you attend a rally or even a protest.  The OWS is losing America because everyone can see these people really are the fringe.  They are turning violent in some places and are showing disrespect for America, the flag, the Constitution and the cops.  They are living like pigs, trashing the grounds they "occupy" and have a extreme lack of bathing habits.  Americans are generally a fair minded people but they do have standards.  I think the riots of 68' in Chicago, where I think one of the rioters gave us the finger, turned America to Nixon overnight.  The leftists just couldn't help themselves and had to turn violent to get attention to their cause. Che', were you in that crowd?

Well, contrast that with the Tea Party Patriots.  They are middle class folks, probably bathed that morning, neat, they picked up all their trash, and they were respectful of the rules.  Though the lamestream media and the democrat left tried their best to convince the rest of America they were extremists, it just wouldn' stick.  How could these gray haired folks, rallying with signs without profanity, be extreme?  Seems the only people saying they were was Harry Reid and Nancy "astroturf" Pelosi. The TPP turned their anger into votes and we have a new Congress because of them.  I think the left will lose seats because of the OWS. They might learn a lesson?  Well maybe not.


  1. At times during the Tea Party protests there were people that were over the top. The Tea Party is not defined by the idiots any more than OWS is. The OWS crowd have legitimate concerns and in some ways have a lot in common with the Tea Party. People are fed up on both sides of the aisle with the inability of government to do anything constructive to solve the myriad of problems. Only time will tell if OWS grows or dies.

  2. I agree with all you said except the part about the "over the top" part. I don't think one arrest ws made of a TPP member and just this morning in Oakland 10 or more OWS were arrested.


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