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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who are these leftwingnuts and why are they so nasty? LOL

We all read each others blogs around here and I must say, the leftwingnut blogs are certainly something else.  They are filled with hate for anyone who does not look like them and if you disagree with their looney tune ideology positions, you are not supposed to be alive.  Yet, I read them because in the long haul, these nuts are simply inconsequential to the running of anything except their mouths.

So, once in a while I see my name crop up and they usually have some nasty things to say about me but I view that as a plus.  If a looney tune leftist takes the time to name call me or try and convince him/her self I am of no consequence, then I know we have beat them.  Most of thee liberals are simply unbalanced in the head.  If they were rational they would not be calling the Tea Party a bunch of terrorists, or hostage takers or racists.  They seem to come up with a new slight in every post as if they think anyone cares. But for entertainment, these loons are hard to top.

Two of them, a babe named Michelle and a libnut named Glasse are the funniest.  Here is their take on me in a thread about the local GOP.  The post was complaining about how the mean old GOP here is so mean.  Ah Gosh!  So, in order to tell everyone how mean the GOP is these nuts from the left say these kinds of things.  This is why I laugh my arse off reading them.  Here they are.

Michelle Smith
I’ve been in the same trouble for the exact same thing. Just keep being you – you’re a class act.
In regard to the rat party Jeff mentioned, I have agreed with a small fraction of their beliefs but still get ragged and nagged by that ilk, especially juvinall. Seems that if a person doesn’t agree with that childish Napoleon 100% of the time, he resorts to sticking out his tongue and goes on his nursery rhyme tirade.

on August 9, 2011 at 12:53 pm  Brad Glasse
Come on now guys, let’s be nice to our little Toddy!
He’s a legend in his own mind!
I really feel sorry for him as I have several very good TPP friends, and one day, when were sitting down and talking, I brought him up, and the quote listed above was the reaction of most of these guys.
The best quote I heard was “he needs to learn when to shut the F up”!
It must be really hard when all of your “supporters” (as he calls them) laugh at you on a regular basis, but in your mind you think they all support your “daffiness”.
Keep up the good work Todd, as we all enjoy your humor and get a good laugh out of you on a daily basis…..
(I stopped reading Dilbert, as there’s a funnier guy known at “Toddbert”.

What a hoot!


  1. I also can't seem to find a voter registration for the guy. Just a big mouth non-voter.

  2. That's probably because you're too stupid to spell his name correctly.

    When we look at what you post, your ability to get anything done correctly seems to be a "regular" thing with you!

    Nancy Woods
    Grass Valley

  3. Ya, you perfect people have so much to offer all the peons. NOT! Besides if I looked like you I would shoot myself. LOL!

  4. Hey Todd, really, attacking a woman on her looks?
    What a big, mature man you are.

    The truth is that you chronically misspell. Usually misspelling on a blog is a result of hitting the wrong key in haste, or a lack of vigor checking for the correct spelling if one does not know it (which I am regularly guilty of). The pattern of your misspelling however, demonstrates a lack of education, and care for precision, which as Nancy points out, is just stupidity.

    Steve Frisch

  5. I find it very funny that "Toddy" presents his "arguments" saying that he is "amused" with these writings, while when you actually read what "Toddy" writes you can see it's just another lie and he's upset because he knows that what Ms. Smith & Mr. Glass wrote is accurate!

    Dennis Hann

  6. SteveF has no sense of humor and that is too bad. Dennis Hann is a new sock puppet and his/her use of Toddy proves that. When a liberal attacks somebody by making fun of their name I know I have won the argument . So predictable.

  7. The part here that is notable as revealing something pertinent about the limited mental capacity of our local libs is Brad's discovery that TPP members don't all agree on everything. This is in contrast to how the libs all line up in lock-step to the left's indoctrination without question or even any personal logical scrutiny to what is being served up to them by their overseers. This illustrates how they are all ignorant useful fools for their ruling class.

    This has to get Chase back into the fray!

  8. When a man attacks a woman based on her looks, rather than the content of her character or the quality of her mind, I know he is a misogynist.

    Steve Frisch

  9. I wish there was some method by which a person could go back and search Steve's comments and writings over the past, say 3 years, for any inferences to any particular female individual.

  10. Go for it BW--I would be willing to bet you you would not find a single reference to looks, size of breasts, or the magnitude of my unit, attractiveness to screeners at the airport, or a woman's beauty in a negative way.

    If you did find a negative reference to a woman's looks, I would instantly recognize that it is out of bounds in polite society and apologize, because I am not so insecure in my own manhood that I can't admit when I am wrong and apologize.

    I think there may be one exception: I have brought up the point that Sarah Palin, a public figure, uses her looks to her political advantage by appealing to the sadomasochistic tendencies of late middle aged conservative men! I would of course be happy to cite specific examples.

    I am not however afraid to take a woman, or a man, to task for the quality of her ideas.

    Steve Frisch

  11. BW, you have nailed the leftwingnut hypocrite and he is squirming in his thong. He attacks Sarah and Michelle and any other conservative and/or GOP woman and then complains we are are misogynists. What a hoot! I unlike SteveF, I like women. I have my fun with them and impress them handily when I pass through the X-Ray machine at the airport and he is simply underwhelming when he does. LOL. So, when the nut stops watching Colbert and Maher, his ultimate hero, then we might take his protestations seriously. Well, maybe not.

  12. OH Steve you are so cool! I would love to engage in that task but I for one have a real job and work the hours of two normally employed people. I do engage in extracurricular projects that I believe worth the time but I regret that I do not find your background worthy of the time. I was merely hoping that someone with more disposable time might find it a rewarding venture.

  13. Well then BW perhaps you better go back to work!

    Todd, you just made my point perfectly. I critique Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman because they are idiots--has little to do with looks.

    By the way, my wife has always told me that a man who talks about the size of his shoes is usually a size 6.

    Steve Frisch

  14. BW, as you can read SteveF has proven once again his hypocrisy. He calls women stupid but in his pea brain he thinks he is OK to do that as long as he doesn't say something about looks. If that isn't the stupiest thing I have heard from a liberal in minutes! SteveF, your wife is under estimating by i/2.

  15. Steve, I may have to retract my comment that you are cool. I wouldn't be saying things about your wife's knowledge of men's anatomy.

  16. Perhaps my wife is simply a more practiced observer of misogyny than I am.

    I notice that you both have very tough time comprehending the English language. Todd can't tell the difference between commenting on a woman's ideas and her looks, and DW can't tell the difference between anatomy and promiscuity.

    Sad commentary on both the status of our educational system and the extent to which Todd's commentators take personal responsibility for life long learning.

    SF 4.2

  17. I seem to recall you demanding a retraction when others said you used sock puppets. Just another lie. No, you are the misogynist SteveF. You hate women who are smarter and better looking than you and that is just about all of them. You take yourself too seriously but we don't. You just give us a guffaw once in a while. I also enjoy watching you and your fellow spell check police go bonkers. What a hoot! Just a run of the mill bloviator SteveF.

  18. Steve you would have done yourself a favor to just ignore me. With that response you look pitifully desperate to everyone. Come on man your better than that. Buck up!

  19. I thinks it pretty obvious who the mental midgets are here, and would be more obvious without censorship.

    SF 5.0

  20. OK Now you're just boring. I'm going home and BBQ some ribs.


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