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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

China's growth rate 9.5% while America goes into the crapper

This morning's Union newspaper has a editorial by Editor/Publisher Jeff Ackerman regarding the monetary and economic mess the political and regulatory class has foisted on America over the years.  You can read the article HERE. JeffA has it totally right.  We have done this to ourselves.  Every NIMBY and every trial lawyer should feel proud they were able to personally send our jobs and businesses across the seas and over the borders.

A Pravda article on China and its growth HERE is an eye opener for all the lazy butts sitting home drawing unemployment and disability checks (trust baby liberals too). While you refuse to head down to Yuba City and pick apples or almonds, or even tomatoes, the Chinese are assuming America's place in the world's economy.  With a growth rate at 9.5% they will be eclipsing most countries in a short time.  Their " key industrial output growth indicator surged 15.1% y/y in June"! For goodness sakes, they are on a tear for dominance!  I did not know until I read this article in Pravda that China  fabricates 1/2 of the world's steel!  How could America go from the biggest to a also ran in steel?  Unions and regulations that is how. 

We have watched our country go backwards in so many industries you would think we are trying to return to the days of the Pilgrims.  Yet, have any of the NIMBY's and trial lawyers and democrats learned anything?  Nope.  They just keep pumping out the laws and regulations and now we have Obama's administration passing regulations without Congressional approval.  The EPA and NEA and all the alphabet regulators are on a tear.  The politicians in DC and Sacramento don't even miss a beat when it comes to removing more items of freedom from our personal quivers.  Today we get to see if the politicians that actually tried to fix the mess in Wisconsin will survive a series of recalls.  If they don't it will certainly send a message to the nation that we don't want to be a great nation anymore.  Defeat in Wisconsin will say it is better to be debt-ridden and broke than to be vibrant and forward looking.  I hope the people see this.

If America keeps electing politicians that tax and spend rather than ones that want to cut and save we will be an asterisk in the history books of India and China someday and it may be sooner than we want.  So America, get off your lazy butts and start saving our country or start take lessons in Mandarin.


  1. Saving this country? All the flag waving in the world won't change the course of history, which has been set in stone the day China became a viable economic powerhouse in the 1970s and 1980s. It is an irrefutable fact that America will no longer be the leading economic power in the world by mid-Century. Nothing will change this reality. So, now we have to adapt and become the leader at things we do better- sustainable and green energy and business models, technological innovation. Two major financial bubbles have now burst on us in our zeal to acquire wealth, far above a sustainable and rational rate. Many cashed in, the middle and lower classes got snookered, and here we are.

  2. Todd, are you going to be picking fruit and vegetables anytime soon? LOL.

  3. Picked apples in the valley during high school to make money. I am too old now so I do other things to make money, like using my noggin instead of my back. I don't agree with your view and your opinion of America and its shift to second class status. I disagree and would point out you forgot something very important. The Chinese military. They are developing a aircraft carrier bomb (some say they already have one) and they are building huge carriers and other vessels. They also have a half billion men and women of military age and that alone will be saber rattled by them . We are sending them trillions and they are making trinkets our people buy. The shift in wealth is our demise potential and their military will be asking you for your papers in the near future if we don't turn our country around. I don't think windmills and hybrid cars will do it.

  4. So, it appears you favor INCREASING government/military spending to match the Chinese military might. You are correct- their forces will exceed ours in the future. We are never going to match them. There will be no Reagan expansion of the military next time around to match the "enemy." Best to engage and find ways to WORK TOGETHER for economic benefit with other powerful nations. What a concept!
    Like Fareed Zakaria and many other brilliant thinkers who understandk, its not a matter of being "negative" about anything. Facing reality is a good thing in my book.

  5. Chase, you are doing it again. Why put words in my mouth. Where do I say anything about increasing gov/mil spending? But since you sem to favor it I will agree. I have no problem about people and countries working together on anything but I know history. If it was a class you passed by, let me just say this. If a country thinks it has it over another, just like a neighborhood bully does, it will squeeze. If you don't want to be squeezed, you will need to stay ready. Our Constitution is there to allow us to be ready as a conglomerate of 50 states.

    Regarding Zakarias and what I consider pysco-babble he seems to spew. If Texas is booming, regardless of climate, and people and jobs are flocking to the state, I would say you are being negative. I am a California native and like it here except for the democrat hegemony. Are you a native Californian?

  6. Love it. We are borrowing money from China, just to send it back in the form of "aid".
    Like they are going to forgive the interest
    of the money we got from them to give them.
    More Liberal economics.

  7. Todd, lets flush this out- you state that we must compete with the Chinese militarily and save our nation. But you don't admit that it would cost us billions upon billions in new military spending to keep up with the Chinese? Get real. The whole point is that we MUST work collaboratively with them for the foreseeable future- the aging communist pols are going to die off, and the young people crave western influence. Capitalists with education and ideas will take over China. Obviously, and eventually, they will see the folly of unsustainable military spending, for nothing. Unless you anticipate that they will invade Hawaii. No sane person would favor an arms race with China.

    So Todd, its a new century, new paradigms. Its not the old Soviet Union, my friend.

    CA native here who appreciates our environmental sensibilities.

  8. "environmental sensibilities" Ya,,, sure.. That's why businesses are fleeing the state.
    That's why we can't build anything here.
    That's why energy prices are going up.
    MTBE was supposed to be "environmentally sensible".. Tell us how that worked out.
    Ethanol was supposed to be that too. But it's not.But go ahead. Keep burning food.

  9. Chase, you must have missed my well stated point about the military. If you want to unilaterally disarm as the left tried to get us to with nukes, then I can understand you better. Many liberals think we should demilitarize which they think the other side will match because they are supposedly reasonable. If you believe that I have a bridge in Arizona I recommend you purchase.

  10. DM, the left refuses to believe there is 37 million souls just in California whoneed all the amenities to live. I once heard a professor tell a crowd at a public hearing on a regional sewage treatment plant that each person craps 2.2 pounds a day on average. That is about 80 million pounds a day! So, is that environmentally sensible? To get 80 million pounds of that you have to eat a lot more food. I wonder where that comes from?

  11. Wow man,,,,, that's some heavy sh*t. ( in a hippy, stoned, stuper drawl) LOL

  12. Sorry, I can't bring myself to type your name.

    First; technological innovation is a support mechanism for production and follows it.

    Second; "Good at sustainable and green energy and business models"? BS!

    "history, which has been set in stone"?
    "It is an irrefutable fact that America will no longer be the leading economic power in the world by mid-Century."
    "We are never going to match them."
    "its a new century, new paradigms".

    The new paradigms are you liberals that don't have the spine to support this country.

    Your comments are a glaring example of the difference between you limp-wristed liberals and real Americans. Your attitude is not what life is made of. That is why you guys are such a miserable negative depressed bunch of wimps.

    This country was not founded to harbor this kind of approach to life.

    There are no words that adequately illustrate the contempt I have for attitudes such as yours.

  13. Oh, good for you BM.

    Fortunately there are plenty of people who value a comtemplative, intellectual approach to the many challenges in the world. An approach not based on flag waving. If nothing else, your demonic anger toward people of progressive minds will eat you alive. Ditto for 2.1.

  14. So then I take it Chase that you have no qualms about the Chinese military spending and you trust they are benign and pose no threats? Also, you are assuming they want to talk with us onthe issues you think they should. What if they don't? What happens then?

  15. Demonic? Anger? Doesn't work Chase.

    You have displayed your contemplation and intellect for all to see. Instead of convincing everyone of your superiority you have displayed your degeneracy.

    You don't have the guts to admit it to yourself but your pessimistic negative attitude IS eating you alive. I for one can't wait till the job is finished.

    I can't imagine how miserable your life must truly be.

    The rest of you liberals should take note of this and do a little soul searching for your own good!

  16. No need for soul searching here BM, but with your reversed reality, you may be a candidate. Not really worried about the changing world, or the Chinese threat, like you right wingers either. Its nice to know a brilliant centrist thinker like Fareed Zakaria must also be a "pessimist with a negative attitude". Ooh.

    Every educated human knows that China will be world's dominant power by mid century. There is no amount of drilling, timber harvesting or tax breaks for the wealthy that will change that fact. To compete, we've got to innnovate with our brains, not some 19th century economic model. Wow, what a radical concept!

  17. Chase you exemplify the kind of cancer that would make your vision a reality. You are a virus, a mold, nothing more than a fungus.

  18. Chase please answer my question which I am copying here again.

    o then I take it Chase that you have no qualms about the Chinese military spending and you trust they are benign and pose no threats? Also, you are assuming they want to talk with us onthe issues you think they should. What if they don't? What happens then?

  19. We have watched our country go backwards in so many industries you would think we are trying to return to the days of the Pilgrims


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