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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Britains woes explained and they are coming to America

We have been watching the riots in Britain for four or five days now and many of us are confused as to why it is still going on.  It started when a local thug was shot and killed but then a whole lot of young people, estimated to range in age from 18 to 24, notched up the issue and it became something else.  It is a riot of thugs.  It is a riot of thugs who want free stuff and they blame taxes and the rich for their anger.  So, they have been robbing, burning and breaking things and there appears to be no end in sight. (David Cameron may change that).

HERE is a great expose' on why Britain is in this mess.  When I read this I was amazed at how much many of us in America have been saying the same thing.  The writer has the problem pegged perfectly.  We have a huge problem in the industrialized world which is either socialist or heading that way.  It is the entitlement problem.  Britain has the same issues about thuggery by untamed young people in school as I have heard from some of my friends who are teachers.  The teachers power has been removed by stupid politicians, nasty parents (Johnny could never do that) and the ubiquitous trial lawyers.  So little Johnny and Janey run amok with no consequences.

The writer also points out the tragedy of single parents raising kids.  Mostly single moms.  Read the article for his viewpoint because it is right on the money.  There is no consequence to bad behaviour and that spills over to the British police as well.  People don't report things because little Johnny will come and trash their house and beat them up knowing the police won't do squat to them.  Multiply this over the whole of England and you get the picture.

We conservatives have been saying like minded things for decades but to little avail.  The schools became liberal training grounds, the courts toss little Johnny back on the street minutes after the cops take him in.  Criminals are emulated, gangsta rap trashing women as whores and bitches is lousd and everywhere.  Yes we conservatives believe in individual freedom but we also believe there has to be rules so we can get along and have respect for one another.  We see the same issues here as the author of the article points out and they are all over England.  It is not good.  The country will forever have a underclass if we don't start making them get educated and start working. Society just can't afford them to be lazy asses absorbed with a video game lifestyle while toking a doobie 24/7, with pants hanging to the ground and their hat on backwards.  We need to re-institute shame so all this bad behaviour is given no place here.  Liberal don't want us to smoke or eat coconut oil on our theater popcorn but they could care less these thugs have five little kids they leave at home alone.

America in in the throes of an economic collapse and the only way we can fix the problem is to I guess, start invoking tough love.  No more handouts, pay your taxes, you know, your "fair share" and get off the couch and go to work.  Start being productive and stop suing each other for every little thing.  If we don't learn from what is happening in Britain and elsewhere, we will be next and we are not going to like it.  I have always stated that I thought welfare (and its related programs) was simply our opiate to keep people quiet.  Well, they are not quiet in Britain and they are coming to a neighborhood near you soon to take your stuff and burn down your house.

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