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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Palin keeps the lamestream press guessing, what a hoot!

The lamestream media is just beside itself trying to figure out what Sarah is doing.  I don't pay too much attention to the jabbering media fools about this but once in a while I do stop and listen. HERE is the latest CNN screed.  Personally, I think she is playing the media fools and she is playing them like a violin.  The press does their daily speculative guess on what they think she is going to New Hampshire or Iowa for.  Palin just lets them guess.

In a way I think she is giving them back their own crap, except with a little twist.  The press did their best to destroy her when sh was announced as a candidate for VP in 2008  They trailed her, researched her went through her trash and even camped out at her house.  They made things up from whole cloth to make her appear to be a crank Christian nut.  They attacked her family they did everything they could to tarnish her so their candidate, messiah, Obama, could win.  Well they did their job well because all the polls have a high negative for Sarah.  The press can come together whenever the see a threat of a conservative winning.  They circle the wagons and go after the threat.

Well, Sarah has turned their hate for her into fame and fortune.  America is a amazing place.  From the devil incarnate (and the press doesn't even believe in GOD) to perhaps the most famous American alive today.  The little girl from Wasilla has turned the tables on the lamestream media!  She may not be running for anything regarding public office but she is causing the lamestream media to run ragged trying to keep up with her.  They even had a stalker media type move in beside her home in Alaska for goodness sakes!  But, Sarah took it in stride (and built a tall wall)  and the stalker was under such public pressure to leave he finally did.  The lamestream version of a perverted newsman.

So in my opinion, Sarah is playing the press for the biased liberal saps they are and they just don't get it.  If she jumps in the press will simply regurgitate the tripe and lies of 2008 and I think if they do, the press will be sinking farther into the sinkhole of slime we all think they represent.

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