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Friday, July 22, 2011

SBC BBQ Grill to save our natural resources?

After reading all the screeds from the leftwingnut leader of SBC, I would suggest going green and recycling is the way to go.  Even the veggy burgers here would meet their favor.  LOL!



  1. Now that is a great pic. I can see shopping carts disappearing let and right now.
    One more "new found use".
    ( Gotta get me one of those) No "burgerside"
    Let's see,,, four sides of ribs,,,,a dozen dogs,, and ten burger patties, all on the same fire.
    Will that be on QVC by next week?

  2. LOL! This is funny but creative! :D Anyway, if you really want a cost-efficient BBQ grill, try investing in bricks. It’s definitely affordable and easy to make and use. Plus, its durability compensates the effort you spent to create it. :)


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