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Friday, July 22, 2011

Territorial Dispatch is now on my favorites link list here

My friend John Mistler's newspaper based out of Marysville is now a link here.  I served at the same time John did as County Supervisor and we were of one mind regarding property rights and local governance.  He and I share a very similar view of our Constitution and its enumerated powers.  I have been reading his paper for a while now and I must say it accurately portrays his beliefs which most Americans do as well.

He sells ads and has many guest writers along with his staff.  The latest issue has a article on the Redistricting Commission which everyone should read since the future of our state is at risk of another ten years of democrat hegemony (gerrymandering).  I share the same concerns as the writer since I too testified on May 19, 2011 in Auburn in front of the Commission.  I read the makeup of the Commission prior to my testimony and it was clear it had been manipulated somehow to be populated by democrats.  There was one fellow, an old democrat from Davis, who was the only Northern California member.  Rural California had no Conservative representation I could see.

Anyway, the lamestream media and blogs like our local liberal cesspool blogs do not give the people a balanced look and the TD fills that void.  I remember John Mistler as a very motivated "freedom" fighter and after reading the TD can rest assured he has not lost any fervor.

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