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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Al Sharpton, MSNBC's Newest "Journalist" vows never to criticize Obama

Well we now get to see nationally what we all knew anyway, Al Sharpton, the racist scofflaw, will not say anything he considers a criticism of President Obama because he is black.  HERE is a story about this man who will be practicing journalistic malpractice right out of the box.

When a liberal news blog says this is unacceptable, we all must pay attention.  I and many others including Bernard Goldberg, author of  "A Slobbering Love Affair", knew Obama was being treated as a messiah by the leftwing national media, and even down to the local level.  We now see the fruits of that love affair in the "reporting" to come out of Sharpton.  I consider Sharpton a shyster and a liar of the first degree.  For MSNBC to hire this man and elevate him into a top spot in their lineup tells America the network is dredging the bottom of the barrel of credibility.  But what's new?

Sharpton is a race hustler along with his comrade in arms, Jesse Jackson, and over the year these two shysters and hypocrites have in some people's opinion, extorted millions of dollars from various companies to keep labor peace and avoid boycotts.  I am obviously no fan of these men and have watched them over the years lie and obfuscate their way into the news and opinion news.  Sharpton came to my attention when he represented Tawana Brawley in her lies against men and officials regarding her phony rape allegations.  Jackson has been in the news since Martin Luther King's murder by James Earl Ray.  Jackson, a self proclaimed preacher, reverend I guess, has been caught being very un-Christian in fathering children out of wedlock among other things.  He and Sharpton have been parodied on the Rush Limbaugh radio show as the "Justice Brothers" and it is hilarious.

MSNBC is in last place in the cable news ratings, FOX eats them almost three or four to one in viewership.  Now we can see why.  When you hire a lowlife like Sharpton and give him credibility you have decided to accept his fleas.  MSNBC should be ashamed and say 30 Hail Mary's and 30 Our Fathers.

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  1. I found this little line in another story. But it says it all.

    "In an interview earlier this year, MSNBC's president Phil Griffin admitted that the network, to boost its ratings, caters to the so-called 'progressive left."

    This came from the story

    Rachel Maddow, MSNBC sued for defamation

    'Left-wing television commentators must be made to respect ... the law'


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