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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unions get shown the door in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on a 4-3 decision told the state's people the Legislature followed its own rules correctly when it passed a law removing unions collective bargaining from the books.  HERE is one article explaining it better than I can.

All the union protesting in Madison, their trashing of the Capitol building and grounds, all the nastiness and foul language was not enough.  The Judge which threw out the law, interestingly named Sumi, pronounced SUE_ME, was a real leftwing piece of work who gives the judiciary a black eye again.  She was described as follows,

"As the Heritage Foundation’s Hans Von Spakovsky notes, the trial judge who erroneously struck down the law earlier — Maryann Sumi — “should have recused herself from the case to avoid the appearance of bias. Her son is a former lead field manager with the AFL-CIO and data manager for the SEIU State Council, two unions that not only represent public employees in Wisconsin but were instrumental in organizing protests against the passage of the collective bargaining law.”

This is how the left has won many wars in American politics and the culture.  They have judges like Sumi who sell their souls for the cause rather than ruling on the laws.  The high court majority said she interfered with the time honored separation of the three branches of Wisconsin government which as usual carries no weight with a lefty.

Now we all get to see the recall campaigns of  six Republicans and three democrat Senators.  I expect more of the fleeing democrats who ran away to Illinois to escape having to do their jobs for Wisconsin voters.  I hope the people throw every democrat out of office who fled. HERE is the latest on the mess in the state.

 Here are the opinions, both the 4 and the 3. Copy and paste in the address bar.  It is a 68 pag PDF.

Now maybe the Republicans can get the budget balanced in Wisconsin.


  1. Music to my ears. The Fleebaggers must be hitting the bottle hard. The Union money Laundromat is now closed. The Union workers themselves will have to dig into their own pockets to donate.( if they want too) Lets see the union goon arm twisting now.

    Even the "low on the pole" LIB judge who wanted to make a name for herself got a good dress down from the higher court.

    Just not a good day for big union LIBs.
    Now to get the NRLB under control, and let Boeing get to work without union BS.

  2. Common sense is the winner here. Hope we see a lot more of it everywhere.


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