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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paul Krugman Must be High and other ideas

America is an amazing country.  It is amazing because we have two groups of people who have a completely different view of the world and the events around us.  I read a Krugman screed today and I have to say, his view of this planet must be being made from Mars.

HERE is his article in the NYT.  He actually is calling Obama a middle of the road, conservative President!  I thought it might be tongue in cheek but it is not.  Krugman is so far out in left field that he must think Stalin was a moderate.  Where do these world views come from?  I think they come from two separate realities.  One, which I come from (the true reality), is based on going to work at an early age and having parents who were raised  middle class.  The other view, Krugman's, comes from a sheltered life and a college life taught by liberal professors.  Never the two shall meet.  We see this divide all over the country and now with 24/7 cable news, we see it on our TV constantly.  There are two dominant worldviews. The debt issue is in our face and totally proving my point quite well.

America has always had this but has managed to survive the turmoil and somehow progress.  Now we are at a crossroads for the future because it has become a pocketbook issue and every American has a pocketbook.  With Krugman's view, the pocketbook just contains credit cards put there by mommy and daddy.  My view is it contains cash, derived from hard work.  When I hear the screeching about Wall Street and ratings agencies I turn it off in my head.  The worry to me is main street and regular folks.  Liberals could care less about main street because they are spending the benefits received from the hard work of their parents.  Main streeters do the work.  Wall Street got all the TARP money, liberals and their union  friends got the stimulus money.  Main street got the shaft. 

If there is a melt down in the economy and Wall Street and the liberals don't get their porridge, they will find a way to make the main streeters pay anyway.  That is why the Tea Party is so important.  The Tea Party is main street and if the others don't want to listen to them they do it at their own peril.  American middle class hardworking folks have almost had enough. Krugman has now proven what a liberal loon truly is and it doesn't belong in power.

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  1. Krugman's current call for censoring conservative expression in the media is the real canary in the mine. Rebane


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