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Thursday, June 9, 2011

AB32's "One Bay Area", A Socialist Attempt at Conformity and Control

This video is from a meeting called "One Bay Area" held on May 7, 2011.  If you want to see where your tax dollars go in California, watch and listen to this video.  It is two hours long and if you can stomach it you will see what AB32 has brought upon us.  HERE is the press release on SB 375 which starts the implementation of AB32 fascism in our state.

These laws just keep on coming and all of them have a cost.  Not only the cost of the law itself, but all of the intended consequences (and unintended) which make our State a mess.  This law will further strangle freedom and California will feel the impacts of these ridiculous attempts to change human behavior.  I guess the mandatory General plans  and zoning laws are not enough.  Now we have AB32 as implemented by CARB becoming the uber planning agency of the state.

Once they have destroyed our property rights and forced us all onto cattle cars for the trip to the high-rise cement apartments in the urban areas, then perhaps people will see the folly of electing liberals to power.  I can only hope.

These kinds of meetings are why I am against more meetings.  Meetings, meetings, meetings.  Well at least the unionized bureaucrats making a $100,000  a year plus bennies are employed.

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