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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DailyKOS is no better than used toilet paper

Weinergate, now that's funny!  What a week and it is still in progress because Anthony Weiner won't resign and his arrogance won't let him.  I say good Anthony Weiner, I want you to become the face of corruption and slime that Nancy Pelosi said she would clean up when she became Speaker.  What I don't care for though are the slime machines of the left like DailyKos who make crap up from whole cloth and always about the right.

HERE is the latest DailyKos slime trying to demean Clarence Thomas.  I is another attempt to justify Weiner's behavior by making up a phony story and hoping he media will pick it up. Well, it won't work because even the liberal dolts writing for the mainstream press know a piece of used TP and won't touch it.  Of course, the DailyKos was the first forum accusing Andrew Brietbart of being the hacker of Weiner's undies picture he sent to a 26 year old girl in Seattle.  They decided they had to save Weiner so as usual the left goes after the messenger.  Breitbart was sent the info as was the HuffPost.  He did his due diligence and published.  The HuffPost being a liberal mouthpiece chose not to publish..

We all know now that Weiner was a lying sack and his press conference was a sorry affair.  The only thing missing was Elliot Spitzer's wife standing behind him.  So, with all the leftwing slime going on, the DailyKos once again becomes the forum for more.  Clarence Thomas is a target of the left because he is a good man and he will not recuse himself on the Obamacare lawsuits.  So, the left has been after him throu his wife's work and whatever else they can dig up or in this case make up.

In my opinion, I was always conscientious about recusing myself when I was a County Supervisor when an issue regarding the Building Department arose.  Actually most any issue regarding my profession.  That recusal happened maybe four or five times in eight years and it kept my detractors frustrated.  They wanted to make hay out of me voting for something that could feasibly affect me.  Well, if Clarence Thomas decides to recuse, then I only agree with that if Kagan does too.  That would leave a seven person vote and if Anthony Kennedy is a true believer in the Constitution we will see Obamacare go down in smoke.

What is important though is the people's respect for our institutions and the people we give the power to run them.  It matter not to me whether a person is left or right when it comes to a conflict of interest.  It is important to people to see our leaders do the right thing but not because some schmuck on the DailyKos makes up a crummy, personal lie on a good man.  Clarence Thomas was railroaded by the NOW gang and Anita Hill told her share of lies to try and stop George H.W. Bush from appointing Thomas.  I watched the hearings and I can tell when someone is lying and Hill's nose was a foot long.  The politics of lies seems to emanate from the left and hopefully the American people pay attention and reject these leftwing slime machines.

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