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Monday, May 16, 2011

Nevada County Political Voices are polarized thanks to the left

Having been involved in local politics and issues since 1978, I can assure the readers that political discourse is not much  different here than any other place I know of.  The only difference I see though is the whinyness of the leftwingnuts (LWN).  Ever since Measure A and B in 1978 started, the county's "great divide" (as referenced and described by George Rebane) started and maintained by the LWN's has not stopped.  While most of us were working at our jobs and businesses, these trust baby lefties and hippies  filled the chambers of our local governments and cried a river.  It didn't matter what the issue was as long as it was something they could protest.  Like a new building, business or a parcel split.  A subdivision of a parcel was their favorite target.

Widening a street, bringing in piped water or just a simple discussion on a regional sewage treatment facility was all a target. A tree harvest or a mine were simply unconscionable.    They started it all, these scofflaws on the left.  Then, when we on the right saw what these people were trying to do we organized (isn't America great!) and we did a few things to stem the tide of socialism and government hegemony.  We Californians passed Prop13, and we defeated Measures A and B and we did it in a big way. So, when these LWN's couldn't get their way they did what every American can do and that is run for office.  Well, they did and I remember these lovelies slimeing their opposition with lies in the elections.  These were a first for our county.  But, like most negative campaigning, they worked and became our leaders.  Then when they had the majority we all got to know how terrible the left is as leaders.  They were petty and couldn't make decisions.  They studied everything to death and then still couldn't decide. They were terrible.  So our county booted them out and placed some folks in power who got things done.  The county prospered and new  rules and regulations were curtailed for a while.  All the time thought these LWN's were whining and complaining about everything.  They were never happy about anything (except at their pot smoking gatherings lol).

Well their minions (most with nothing to do) kept chortling about the "developers" and "growth" and in our county they developed an audience and ultimately regained power (even though our growth is flatlined).  Over time the people saw once again these people were not capable of leadership and they over-reached.  NH2020 was the final straw and the people booted them out of office.  Then they all went and got jobs in environmental non profits at huge salaries and they went after the producers here and all over the statewide, with our own taxpayer's money!  Well, even though they have achieved their goals of shutting down timber, mining housing and most other beneficial businesses here, that is not enough.

Now they come to our blogs on the right and whine and complain about the discourse! They attack us and call us names, just like they must be doing to their wives and husbands I guess (because they are so good at it), and when we defend ourselves they cry a river that we are picking on them.,  Amazing.  So, most of the time we just put up with them but I was raised to right the wrongs and when these LWN's tell their fibs I just have to respond.  But, truth, justice and the American way must be defended against the LWN's who I believe are actually a bunch of socialists and in some cases, Marxists. 

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