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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hugo Chavez and Iran, Partners in missiles now

That Hugo Chavez character has made a pact with a fellow devil of Iran.  Two devils, hmmm, maybe a cake?  The Iranians are apparently being allowed to build  missile silo's and of course later installing missiles, on Venezuela's territory.  HERE is the article.  Now why would this be happening?

It looks to me we have another megalomaniac in the hemisphere.  The Castro's are on their way off the planet and other fellow travelers of the totalitarian bent have become quiet.  The only dictator left appears to be Chavez.  Sure he was "elected" by the people.  Yeah, right.  He is a dictator and we all know how he got there.  He was the fool that got up to the dais at the UN after George W. Bush had spoken and played the dais as "hot" and called our President the devil.  This dictator is the friend of Danny Glover and Sean Penn, two Hollywood lovelies who apologize for the dictator and take his money.

Now the dictator is going to have rocket potential.  To do what?  He wants a fight with Colombia for one thing.  Colombia is a friend of ours now and we have a stake in defeating the drug trades, especially the cocaine trade.  Chavez doesn't like either of us and the little dictator puffs up his chest and makes noise like he is important.  Well he will be important at least for a short while, while he and Iran complete their missile silo's and stock them with intermediate range metal tubes of destruction.  I just don't think the two nuts have figured out what the consequences will be if they actually do this.

The rest of the countries in South America may not like this.  The Monroe Doctrine may also have a place in all this.  Chavez is wrecking his country and the left here in America just loves him.  He now has the media under his control and the people of his country have sporadic food and electricity problem galore.  I think there may be a "revolution" in Venezuela and it may be sooner than later.

I am of the opinion that we cannot allow Venezuela to have missiles.  We need to make sure in whatever way we can that Chavez will not succeed and that Iran's Mullahs stay home.  If Hugo is not slapped upside the head with outrage by the rest of the hemisphere's countries, this will make a destabilized hemisphere possible.  We cannot allow this.

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  1. If Obama doesn't do something about Venezuela's missile potential, he will never be a Jack Kennedy.


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