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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama's Birth Cerificate, Is This Play Final?

Everyone is writing their versions of this issue and there are as many opinions as there are elbows.  For  me, I have decided this is simply a Three Stooges half hour show and even though no one is slapping anyone upside the head I am laughing almost uncontrollably.  Why would Obama wait so long and why would there be so many questions about the veracity of the document presented yesterday?

I watched both press conferences, Trump and Obama, both were funny!  Trump took credit for forcing Obama to make his long form BC public and Obama described the action as "silliness".  I say, both are simply actors in a skit.  I  remember back in the primary race when Clinton started the questions about Obama's citizenship.  Of course the questions came from others but we all know the Clinton's and their techniques so we knew Hillary was behind it.  Obama got the short form copy and made it public but then people started questioning things like, "who is the doctor" that delivered him?  Who were the staff and many other questions.  Well, I never paid any attention to this stuff because I have experienced similar crap right here at the local level and I was advised to not get involved in the "soap opera".

It is hard to disregard personal attacks but to be successful in politics you need to.  Stick to the issues and do your best to put the personal stories to rest early.  Well, Obama did not do that with this issue.  In my opinion he caused his own grief about this BC and the questions kept coming.  Now we have another set of questions and Trump seems to be the water carrier.  He did say in his press conference that he hopes all was correct on the BC and that it would be time to move on to the nation's pressing issues.  I viewed his comments as almost "tongue in cheek", and not totally sincere.  I then watched Obama and lo and behold, we all got another lecture by the professor.  We children outside the beltway were scolded and didn't we know there are more important things to deal with then proving he is a citizen?  Well yeah! 
So here we are, a new day and a whole new set of questions from the folks who looked at the BC.  I think the reason people are asking the questions is because they just don't trust politicians anymore and they no longer take the answers as the truth.  That would be all politicians, not just Obama.  But, now the leftwingnuts, the bootlickers of the liberal persuasion, are claiming the folks asking the questions are just a bunch of racists.  Even our local leftwingnut PJ weairng blogmeister makes that innuendo.  The left even claims any conservative or Republican black politician that discusses the issues is simply an "Uncle Tom".  To me the liberal mind is stuck on stupid when it comes to race.  Whenever they are soundly defeated they retreat to the "racist" safe room.  Earth to liberals, it is not working anymore.  The people have questions and are simply asking for answers, nothing more.  If the left wants to be the minority party for ever more, stay in your safe room, don't engage and don't tell the truth.  The American people are smarter than you.

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  1. Here's the start of a LONG list of things that Obama must consider to be "more important things to deal with then proving he is a citizen".

    1) Go on vacation.
    2) Play golf.
    3) Make his NCAA basketball picks public.
    4) Meet with dictators.

    --John Galt


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