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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updated Already at 10:55AM. Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate

After immense pressure to silence the people saying Obama was not eligible to be President, he finally gave in and ordered two certified copies of his long form birth certificate.  A image of it is HERE. Thank you Sacramento Bee.

Why he wouldn't release it sooner has always been a mystery to me.  It has consumed so much ink over the years one would think the ink industry was behind all this.  Obama can now concentrate on fixing the mess he and his minions have created and not be distracted by such an obscure issue.  LOL.  I never was a doubter and like Trump, I had hoped he would just produce the document to still the voices of the people doubting his citizenship.  But he wouldn't and by doing nothing he allowed the mess to continue.  I was thinking his birth certificate must be in the archives at Area 51!

So, now we see the copy and as sure as the sun rises there will be doubters.  Since Obama had a person actually travel to Hawaii and pick up the copies, my guess is the conspiracy folks will still claim some shenanigans are at work here.  I say, move on and defeat him at the ballot box in 2012 and bring in some sensible people.

Updated at 10:55 AM.  HERE is a cursory analysis and a few questions the forensic types are already asking.  This is so much fun!  Also, Trump  cracks me up, he is on to Obama's educational records now.


  1. My 13 year old daughter came down stairs this morning and said, "why didn't he do that two years ago?"

    Answer: So that he could demonize the right. This is not about a circus; it is all about Obama politics. The only reason Obama released it, is because Trump was bashing him in the head with it and Obama's poll numbers were recently tanking. USA Today yesterday had a poll that only 38% of the US were convinced that Obama was born here. If you look at the certificate, it was obtained on Monday this week.

    Kudos to Trump for forcing Obama to end this ridiculous political charade. Obama said that he thought that the conversation was bad for America right now. Well, I have a news flash for Obama, this conversation was equally as bad for America two years ago and by playing politics with it, he allowed and perpetuated the conversation by not doing this two years ago.

    Next...where are your college records?

  2. That was from Barry

  3. I'm not as interested in the college records since it's not a "constitutional requirement" to have attended college. But BO's resistance to publishing them make me wonder if he really did graduate with honors.

    I'd like to compare BO's birth certificate with others issued that same day and week. In that way we can confirm the names and signatures of the certifiers.

    It does seem slightly odd that some typed items are all in CAPS and others in Upper & Lower case.

    Also, the horizontal allignment is off too much...almost as if one wanted to ensure that it "looked" typed (and not printed). But a hospital would likely have had a higher end type-writer which would mean the text would be horizontally straighter.

    Admittedly, these are picky items. But they could also be resolved by seeing other birth certificates during that week.

    Assuming the certificate is genuine, I can't explain why BO would have worked so hard and spent so much money to keep this from us.

    Thank you Trump for persuading Obama to reveal this info. In the future, all Presidential candidates should publish their birth certificate.

    --John Galt

  4. Remember, the Republicans are the party that fought to free the slaves... It's the Southern Democratic party that caused nearly 2 million men to die so that you Democrats could continue to keep slaves.

    Remember, it's the Democrats that had a member of the KKK as a senator (Robert Byrd) and their esteemed "Soul of the Senate".

    Remember, it's the conservatives that fought to bring about civil rights.....and it's the Democrats that fought it.

    Republicans judge people by the strength of their character, not the color of their evidenced by distinguished public servants listed below.

    Clarance Thomas (Supreme Court Justice)
    Condoleezza Rice (Former secretary of State, Former National Security Advisor)
    Collin Powell (Former secretary of State, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    Herman Cain 1st choice candidate in Tea Party straw poll Feb 2011.

    THANK YOU for revealing the true bigotted nature of Commicrats (Communist charading as Democrats) like yourself.

    --John Galt

  5. John I had to delete the comment you are responding to. The left are the true racists because they are obsessed with it. We on the right believe all people have equal opportunity here in the USA. The left wants equal outcomes and when it is shown that it is not possible they return to their "you are a racist" mantra. Thanks for listing those people.I would add Alan West too.

  6. Thanks Todd, Alan West is another perfect example. That was smart to delete that post...but new readers will still be able to infer the racism of that Commicrat.

    --John Galt

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