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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where is the OIL? The Ongoing saga of BP's Blowout.

A year later, the country's leading scientists and Private Eyes seem to have the same problem.  They can't find that oil.  HERE is a Scientific American article on the sleuthing and I recommend everyone read it.

I was as saddened as everyone else when the oil rig exploded and 11 men lost their lives.  Accidents are tough to take especially for the families.  Then we had the oil escaping, some estimates were 5.5 million barrels.  A barrels is 35 gallons as I recall.  Well, BP put up 20 billion dollars to help those affected by the oil and that is not counting lawsuits.  We were then subjected to thousands of comments and news stories about the environmental affects and how man is wrecking the place.  I like to wait until most if not all the facts are in before I make a opinion and I did so on this accident in the Gulf.  Well, where the heck is the oil?  The Scientific American story breaks down all the components and concludes there is about 1.5 million barrels unaccounted for.  What the heck? 

Oil is of course, a natural carbon based substance.  There are many organisms that love eating the stuff.  Could that be where it went?  Into the gut of some bacteria?  I don't mean to minimize the initial damage the well blowout caused and the disruptions to people and businesses that followed.  I do wish the environmental alarmists would shut up and wait for the facts.  This hysteria by the eco's reminds me of their "Global Warming" hoax filled  mantras.  There has been a 25 year push to convince the earths people they are right about it and many of us said, whoa, slow down.  Well it appears we were right and and now some reason is beginning to return to scientific predictions. 

So, until they can truly do research we can trust and come up with answers about where the oil is, don't listen to the hysterical eco nuts who never let a tragedy go to waste.

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