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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Are Liberal Men all Fat Boys? LOL

I only bring this up because all the liberal men I personally know are pretty obese.  I think this condition also affects their mental state.  One needs only to read Michael Moore and you may see my point.  He has been doing his usual, "I need attention because I am so fat no one pays attention to me any more" and as usual, he comes across as mentally deranged.  HERE is the latest rantings of the Twinkies lover.

Moore is actually telling the gathered masses of Wisconsin civil servants that America and Wisconsin have plenty of money.  It is locked up by 400 people and all we need to do is confiscate It.  All will be fine when Moore and the fat boys knock on the doors and grab their dough.  What is amazing to me is there are enough liberal nuts that believe this buffoon.  Moore is not alone though, we have some of these overweight nuts in our little county and they are just as nuts.

I read many sources of information and I like things like political cartoons as well.  I think political cartoons are great, even when they skewer conservatives or republicans (which is usually all of them).  I want to see some cartoonists do Michael Moore and maybe even some of our local fat boys.  What I find about fat boys is they are usually nasty and attack us normal sized folks for being normal (personally and politically).  I am not talking about fellows a bit overweight, I am talking about the true porkers.  They have chubby fingers all the way down to their toes.  Chubby toes would make me mad too.  The shoes get tight and there is nothing more annoying than tight shoes.

Anyway, I can generally decipher a fat boys comments because they do have a certain style.  Thin people, or even those I would consider normal, also have a style.  It is usually like my style, kind of full of facts, humor and self effacing jabs.  Fat boys never do that.  They hate themselves but can't seem to change their attitude enough to slim sown and get nice.  When Moore made his money from his dopey movies all that did was allow him to buy a full years supply of Hostess Cupcakes.  And he looks like he ate them all in three months.  Local bloggers and some CEO's of some rent seeking non profits have Moore's problem.  They are nasty, mean spitted and foul mouths.  I guess when you are a fat bot, the world is not a very happy place.  These boy's make the "Dark Continent" look very hospitable. This is all in fun, well sort of, but maybe a diet by some would make them a bit happier.


  1. Shame on you.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. No profanity allowed. I guess some local people have no sense of humor.

  4. So let me rephrase, I guess I think you should take care of your own home(s), and relationships. I am not the one who had an angry person beat me up in my own driveway last year.

  5. You think you know something? What a funny fellow you are. You don't know anything but keep trying. LOL

  6. Oh, tell us why you are so angry and use profanity and personal attacks Steve Frisch. You think I am talking about you and Pelline? LOL

  7. I think instead I'll just stop commenting, proving that if it were not for your critics, you would have no attention at all.

    After all Todd, how could you survive without attention?

  8. Todd's bio states that he attends "a local evangelical church".

    EXIT QUESTION: Does Todd's nasty, needless, hurtful posts like the one above match up with the teachings of Christ?

  9. See both of us are doing it now, giving this certified moron (please Todd take the test
    more attention than he deserves.

    I have to stop......this is blog crack!

  10. Come on Stevie you can do better than that. Why do you take this post so personal? Are you a fat boy? You lefty's crack me up. You make fun of Tea Party people, Christians and conservatives all the time. Where is your sense of humor? Oh, you are a narcissist aren't you? BTW, I get lots of people reading my blog but don't comment. It really doesn't matter to me anyway.

    Perhaps you need to get your messy house in order before you preach to others. Maybe then the girls will swoon at you like they do me when I pass through the Xray at the airport.

  11. None of this banter, agrees with the teachings of Jesus Christ Steve.

    Steve I hope your exit question indicates you will be refraining from needless/hurtful posts yourself.


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