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Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Rangel is at it Again.

What is up with Charlie Rangel?  He is obviously someone who thinks the rules for the regular people don't apply to him.  We all remember his problems last year and the slap on his wrist by Nancy Pelosi and her minions of democrats in Congress.  Charlie doesn't pay his taxes but he was the head tax writer.  Remember all that?

Well, now he is causing a commotion in court while defending a thugette who is a member of a violent drug gang in his district.  The story is HERE and be sure you click on the two sound clips.  I guess when you are a liberal you can get away with anything.  Rangel is the poster child of arrogance and he just needs to shut up and sit down. If anyone can figure out why he is doing this let the rest of us know.


  1. Martha Stewart served time for practically nothing compared to the crimes of Charlie Rangal. Sorta makes me want to throw up.....the man is sickening.

  2. Sorry for the's RANGEL. Too bad some prosecutor couldn't rangel him into a jail cell for a few years.

  3. What I find fascinating is the lack of followup from the lamestream media on this fellow. But, he is a fellow liberal so that gives him a pass for the exam.

  4. I don't get why Rangel get's a pass either. Especially when compared to Martha Stewart. The double standard needs to end.
    --John Galt


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