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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Updated 9:11 pm, Why Does Jeff Pelline Claim to be a Journalist? Updated at 12:20 PM

The leftwing complainer in chief blogger is at it again.  Our designated reader of his blog has sent us Pelline's latest screed attacking The Union publisher Jeff Ackerman and the Tea Party Patriots.  Intrigued about Pelline's allegations, I called Mr. Ackerman this morning to get the scoop.  I am not a journalist, I am just a fellow who likes to blog, so excuse me if I don't get everything here in the right order.

Pelline calls the Union Newspaper the "Tea Party Gazette", because I guess he thinks when his leftwing readers say it, it must be so.  Well, since Pelline is a newcomer here in Nevada County, I would give him a break in his ignorance.  The Union was established during the Civil War in defense of the Union.  It was anti slavery and pro American.  Based on that, I would say Pelline's point of view must be the opposite.  He epitomizes the minority left wing of Nevada County, but he does reflect the small island of liberal elitists of Nevada City.  He must live in a cave if he can misjudge our county so poorly.

Well, I called and talked to Jeff Ackerman and guess what?  Pelline never called Ackerman to confirm any of the story!  Doesn't a self proclaimed "top notch journalist" owe his readers the truth?  Well, we all know the journalist moniker by Pelline is way overblown.  It turns out he appears to be simply a "blogger".  Just like me!  Ackerman informed me that he had not confirmed his attendance at the Tea Party luncheon ad sent me the email he traded with Stan Meckler to prove it. Ackerman has no control with what Meckler posts on his own blog, but still, the laziness of Pelline in not contacting Ackerman should show his fear in talking to Ackerman I guess.

If Pelline had talked to Ackerman, he would have all his allegations answered.  Pelline also claims the Union and the publisher never talk with liberal or leftwing organizations, or do stories about them.  If Pelline had talked to Ackerman as any "journalist" is trained to o, he would have discovered what I, a humble blogger, have discovered.  Ackerman is having a meeting with Season For Peace and Nonviolence leaders.  Here is a quote from the email from Ted Smith of the organization "I had been well served by the newspaper and your leadership and know how much it has benefited our community. "  Does this sound like Pelline's allegations are accurate?  Hardly. Ackerman meets and talks with liberals all the time. I think Pelline has a grudge against Ackerman since he became "the former Union Editor" and he uses his juvenile blog to get even.  Well, with all the fact checkers out here, a person like Pelline loses his credibility when things get made up and posted which are not correct.

Ackerman also said this in his email to me regarding who he speaks to and is invited to speak to.
That’s about as diverse as it gets and…far more diverse than what appears on Mr. Pelline’s own blog, which is why I no longer pay attention to it. It has become what he used to refer to as a “rabbit hole” and I don’t have time for such things. He and his followers are, by and large, non-constructive and therefore of very little value to me. Nothing good ever comes from mud holes, except dirty clothes."  

Well said.

Regarding Pelline's assertion that Mother Jones magazine has any credibility in regards to the Tea Party.  For some reason the "journalist" of  Pelline doesn't even ask the question as far as I can see, why the magazine hasn't interviewed Meckler.  Why?  Because that would injure his support of the magazine, well known for it's leftwing/socialist existence (and small number of subscribers).  What does this say about a self proclaimed "award wining journalist"?  In my view, Pelline is simply a disgruntled former editor and will do anything to discredit his former boss.  In our little county Pelline has misread his fellow citizens.  We like the Editor and we like the Tea Party.  I would suggest Pelline get out of his rabbit hole.

Update.  Jeff Ackerman just emailed me to let me know he can't attend the TPP meeting due to prior commitments.  A self proclaimed award winning journalist should have done his homework before popping off.

UPDATE 2-17, at 9:12 PM. It appears the Tea Party has removed their error in stating Ackerman will be their luncheon speaker.  Will the un-journalist, Pelline, apologize to everyone he has misinformed?  Probably not.


  1. Excellent piece, and I think you covered about all the important points. When I read the email about his latest LOL "middle-of-road" screed, I was hoping that someone would beat me to a measured response.

    My two observations from your post Todd are that Pelline does indeed represent the norm of lamestream journalism, and that I would reconsider the invitation for his vacating the rabbit hole. Everyone works best out of his natural environment.

  2. Thanks George. You are always on top of the truth.

  3. I don't consider "bloggers" to be journalists. They can, and often do manage to come up with good information. In Pelline's case, it has become clear he is nothing but an angry man with a computer. He used to have some potential. Sad.

  4. Todd: I think that the tone of your post is that to which Pelline and Enos were referring earlier today.

  5. Update. It appears Pelline is frothing at the mouth over there as I have received reports. LOL

  6. Todd,

    It appears you have kicked the dog, and he is barking and barking at the end of his chain. i am agreement with George.

  7. Opps, that should read " I am in agreement with George"

  8. What a shock, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Kamenev and Krestinsky are all on the same page. (could just as easily have said Hitler, Bormann, Himmler, Goebbles and Goering

  9. Wasn't it you Frisch that always complains about people using the Nazi tie? You snort some paradigm when people do it then you do it. Why is that?

  10. Not me Bozo, thats Goodknight.

    I call a jackbooted thug a jackbooted thug when I see it.

  11. You seem to fit your own description cookman.

  12. The chef has spoken. lol



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