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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hugo Chavez, Cocaine Druglord and the Liberals Darling

I have been rummaging around for information to discuss the leftwing socialist tyrant, Hugo Chavez's part in the drug trades of the hemisphere.  Well I found one article in Pravda, the English version.  That story is HERE.  Why doesn't this surprise anyone? 

Chavez is a duly elected man in Venezuela who took his election results as some sort of coronation.  He has somehow maneuvered his electorate, mostly the poor, to support his metamorphosis into a dictator.  He has been able to convince the people to vote him into extended terms and to bestow powers on him which would make a Fidel Castro jealous.  He is a megalomaniac and an America hater.  Danny Glover and Sean Penn are his best friends.  Those two Hollywood actors traipse around America complaining about their own country while taking money from Hugo to spread his propaganda.  I have watched Chavez for a few years now and along with Castro in Cuba, the left has embraced them here and hold them up as heroes of their warped political views.

Now we see the connection of Chavez with the cocaine trade. He has wrecked the free enterprise system of his country which at one time was a shining light of capitalism (very high inflation).  He has nationalized many businesses, taken over the free press and threatened the journalists with jail if they write things he doesn't like ( HERE is the latest).  A true to form socialist/communist.  He has ruined his oil industry which brings in billions.  The money from that fuels his desire and purchases of weapons and weapon systems from the likes of Russia.  Why would he do that?  Some believe he is arming up so he can be the next Simon Bolivar.  Except he will bring despotism where Bolivar brought freedom. 

It appears to me that Chavez has gone to far now with this cocaine involvement.  When a head of state does this they are no better than a lowlife scumbag from the streets of Cali.  Chavez is very dangerous and since he now is involved with protecting the drug lords, America needs to deal with him.  Usually the Chavez types are big fish in a little sea.  They bluster and give us the finger like he did at the UN a few years ago when he made fun of our President by motioning the dais was hot because Bush had just spoken from it.  I was outraged as were many Americans, but the tyrant got away with it.  Bush tried diplomacy in front and behind the scenes.  I am assuming Obama is as well but there is no proof Obama even cares.

We need to stop the cancer of illegal drugs and their use here in America.  We are under attack and the weak minded addicted people of these substances are allowing people like Chavez and his buddies in Peru and Bolivia to thumb their noses at us.  Of course the ultimate solution to drug issues is to convince people to reject them but in the meantime, we need to look at other mechanisms to deal with these thugs down south.  I would like to see us tell Chavez and the other mainstream drug thugs we are not going to allow them to be part of the drug trade.  We will take action to stop them.  We took out Manuel Noriega  when he was doing the same ting.  We need to make Chavez quake in his boots.  I am sick and tired of all the violence at the border of Mexico as well as on the streets of America.  We need to fix this here and we need to fix it there.  Unfortunately, it appears to me the only way to stop these plagues of illegal drugs is to get tougher and use our military if we have to.  The very soul of our country is being ripped from us all.

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