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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Texas New Jersey and Wisconsin, Run By People With Guts

We have a economic crisis on America.  All fifty states are going through huge drops in revenue.  Some states, like California, have, over the years done what I call "voodoo" economics and the results of that are now a 27 billion, some say fifty billion dollar shortfall.

 We all know why California is toast, it has run on liberal policies with brain dead politicians in charge.  They hired brain dead bureaucrats who thought the pot at the end of the rainbow was going to last forever.  The pot has dried up (they just passed a law to regulate the pot)  but the nuts in charge here still spend as if it wasn't.  Let us look at other states for a cursory view of how to make things right.

Texas is going the spending cut route.  The state shortfall of 15-25 billion is being addressed very aggressively by the republicans there.  They have decided the shortfall in revenues, mainly from the economic downturn and housing price declines, will best be solved by action at once.  Everyone will do a bit of suffering.  Of course the democrats want to address the problem as democrats always do, raise taxes.  Republicans in Texas have declined raising taxes since even a moron knows raising taxes in a recession will prolong the recession.  HERE is a excellent article regarding the Texas budget. I am with Texas on this strategy.  Short term pain for long term gain.

Wisconsin now has a republican governor and legislature. The governor has decided to rein in the employee unions to assist in getting the state budget balanced.  The articles are  HERE and HERE.  The republicans campaigned on this very issue and as I remember Obama and Reid and Pelosi reminding us during the dark days last year, elections have consequences? The unions supported the losers in Wisconsin and now the piper is to be paid.

Same in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie in his straightforward way, stated his strategy to balance the huge deficit.  The unions, teachers and others, are livid.  The venom of the liberals there is heavy.  Christie is holding the line.  Go Chris.

This is happening all across America as we see the adults have taken the states back and at the Federal level, the House.  Yes it will be tough, our runaway spending has to end or our country won't make it.  Wouldn't it be ironic if we failed because we did to ourselves and not from an outside source?  Yes, I am ready, Texas, Wisconsin and New Jersey are ready.  Let's do it!

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