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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Public Employee Union Protesters Run Amok at the Taxpayers Expense. Updated at 7:44 PM

Claiming solidarity with the Egyptian street protesters, Wisconsin teachers and other labor union members were bused in to Madison to carry their signs around the state capitol. Chanting, "heck no, we want dough", many of the teachers, having left their students at their schools, who themselves were protesting the teachers leaving them high and dry, were providing cover for their democrat Senators. HERE is the story of the Teachers ripping off the taxpayers.

The democratic Senators, all 14 of them, rented a Ryder bus (with no windows) and loaded up to sneak out of state.  Just like those democrats did a few years ago in Texas.  Those TexDems were too afraid to debate and do their job so they scrambled to Oklahoma to avoid having to vote (they had a great stay with breakfast and girls in bikinis at the pool).  Wow, what a lack of cajones but they are democrats.

Well, in Wisconsin we have the same issues of cajones, or lack thereof, by their democrats (could this be a DNA issue?).  They need one democrat to form a quorum under their law, so these anti-Bravehearts of the left, rather than staying to do political battle, boogied.  Their supporters, the unions, are marching around the building and trying to intimidate the Republicans left in the State House.  The Governor and the Republicans were elected to do exactly what they are doing.  The people want a balanced budget and they want to reign in the unions (who are bankrupting them and us).  Well, the rubber is meeting the road.  One lesson all America can see though is this.  The only true Americans with guts are the Republicans.


HERE is the escapees of responsibility, the Wisconsin Senate democrats have been found, in Illinois!  What chumps.


  1. I believe this is a sign of the times. Labor unions have had it well for many years, but now the money is drying up. This is like going through a drug withdrawl, the level of protest is extreme. The legislative body is shirking their responsibility to take care of business. You will start to see other states attempt to tackle this problem. Of great interest, of course, is what Jerry Brown has planned. Obama needs to shut up, this is not the arena for his involvement, these are state issues.

  2. Ann Althouse is a law professor in Wisconsin. She took her camera to the Madison Tea Party Rally, details here. Keep scrolling as there are some videos. Check out the doctors handing out excuse slips for the teachers so they can play legal hookie from school. Is this the example we should be setting for our young people, teachers cheating?

  3. The unions and their members think the rules are only there as a pesty thing. I once had to listen to School Superintendents tell us BOS members in a public hearing they would just thumb their noses at the law they were there to protest. I said what kind of example are you setting for the young students? They went ballistic on me. I loved it!


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