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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bost's Gate and Lock OK'd

I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting today to show support to Crawford and Josie Bost's attempt to make three parcels (net two new) out of the 60 plus acre parcel. I sat with Robin Cayton-Sutherland, past Supervisor of District Four.  She beat Izzy Martin. Drew Be dwell who defeated Bruce Conklin of District Three won at the same time.  Martin and Conklin were beat because they were part of the cabal of the pro NH 2020 leftwing's attempt to damage all Nevada County property owners property rights. 

Crawford and Josie applied for a parcel map back n September 2009 and as we can see, the wheels of justice grind oh so slowly here.  After $53,000 to date, the Bost's right to the Parcel Map hinged on a four dollar lock.  There were fire chiefs and staff and about forty people attending from the public.  The Supervisors stated that if it was a popularity contest, the letters and pro and con was running 50-50. 

After about three and one half hours the Board voted 3-2 to affirm the Bost's application was in process when they changed the rules regarding gates and locks, therefore they were grandfathered.  Very good decision.  Very fair.  I appreciated Ted Owens, Ed Scofield and Hank Weston's common sense solution.  The Bost's neighbors, many of them if not all of them, live on substandard parcels in regards to the zoning minimums, were the usual suspects of naysaying.  The Bost's property conforms to the zoning, the neighbors don't, yet in our system these people can actually stop a conforming use while they are non conforming.  What a country!  I was disappointed that Nate Beason voted no.  I thought his questioning was making a good case for a yes vote, but he sure fooled me and others when he voted no.  He said he hates gates.  Lamphier actually was asking good questions and I was thinking his questions may lad to a yes vote, but alas, he was a no.

What I thought the neighbors wanted was a good set of alternative ways to escape in case of fire.  The Bost's were giving two additional roads out.  Yet these neighbors were showing us they were not really interested in anything but a no.  When the fire does break out, I wonder where these naysayers will be going?  The Bost's were also offering a heli-pad for emergencies in their meadow.  When the ambulance is twenty minutes away and the helicopter is ten minutes away, you think the naysayer will wait for the ambulance?  Well, when someone gets entwined in the land use process, California rules and local rules will take your money, your pride and your land.  Property rights are fragile now, that is why we need to make sure the people can still maintain them.  Thanks to George Rebane, Marty Light, Robin, Robert Ingram, the Whittlesey Brothers, Russ Steele and many more of those that still cherish the right to own and use their own property.

Oh, one more interesting note on Purdon Road (this directly affects why they needed he gate and lock).  The county once said it was a through road because it goes over the Yuba to the other side.  It has a weight limit which does not allow a emergency vehicle to use it.  Because of that, the government declared Purdon a dead end road!  Even though it isn't.  Well, you decide if that is dopey or not.


  1. Wow. The system worked. Imagine that!

  2. I was please to see common sense being applied to this case, but it could have been done in 30 mins, not 3 plus hours.

  3. All very good observations Todd. It was clear to me that Super Lamphier was taking messages from his countywide naysayer base. And, Nate? Who knows. Regardless Super's Weston/Scofield/Owens thoughtfully made their decisions.

    I would like to know how much time our left leaning county staff spent building a defense against the Bost's. The Bost's spent real money from their pockets while Nevada County paid hundreds of hours of bureaucrat salaries from our taxes.

    It was good seeing lots of people at a government meeting being so civil. Time well spent.

  4. I agree most were nice and civil but that Rivenes woman was over the top. If her allegation of favoritism was real then God help everyone else that has to deal with the planning department. After two years and $53,000 and it all came down to some four dollar lock, no wonder the country is in such bad shape. There are always chumps like the Rivenes babe who claim because someone knows someone they get preferential treatment. Well, I can tell you it is the exact opposite. You get scrutinized and screwed over if you are a former elected official, if you are a conservative. Just ask Bob Wilder. If you are a lefty you get government jobs later. Anyway, for the most part it was a perfect example of why Nevada County is in deep doo doo with jobs. We argue for hours and months over something as mundane as the lock. When they said Purdon was a deadend I almost spit my water on the naysayers in front of me. I was especially troubled by the County's position of, yes, the Bost's were following the rules and their zoning, but we won't allow them to exercise their rights because we changed the rules mid stream. When the rules were written in the 90's, I was there at all the hearings and listened to the naysayers cry that words meant everything and they forced their words into the documents. Now when they don't want those words to be upheld because of some Rivenes, etal vendetta against the Bost's, those words mean nothing. Total leftwingnut hypocrites.


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