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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SBC Planning Not Liked By Some

I was passed this email from a anonymous person in the Truckee area.  They are not known by me and I have no idea how they got my email address.  They are not happy campers with Steve Frisch and SBC.   It looks to me if these allegations are correct that the planning arm of the SBC organization may not be very good.  They also appear to be aligned with developers in the Tahoe Basin who are not well liked by some.  Why would SBC, a "green" development proponent, get involved with a San Francisco development company?  Well, maybe I'll do a little research now that I have received this information.

"Steve and the SBC removed two though lanes from the town of Kings Beach, a plan that will congest the one route that connects North Tahoe. Furthermore, the congestion will drive traffic into a residential neighborhood, by the County's own scientific findings. The SBC behaved diobolically and pathetically in this situation.  They think they know what is best for everyone. I wish the SBC would stay out of North Tahoe's business.
As for the JMA project, it is against current regulations to build what they want. Everyone else in the Basin has to obey the law, and so should JMA. While I suspect you are a fan of de-regulation, the environmental regs in Tahoe are intended to protect a National treasure, and I must support that.
Don't get me wrong, I support property rights. But when you buy a property in an area where regulations previously exist, then you should follow them. It is not like I want to change current policy in sush a way that it would harm JMA. I am not saying we should turn Homewood Mt. into a giant conservation parcel."
Good luck with the SBC, and if anything juicy comes up, we'd like to know, as we keep an eye on SBC."


  1. I am getting some emails which are too naughty about SBC. I didn't know they were so disliked. Many are wondering where they get their money and why the Exec makes so much. I will try and get their documents.

  2. I see that Pelline wants everyone to ignore you. Do not fret. The article is now on Google for everyone to see!

  3. Pelline and Frisch and the other nuts like Peter Barry,Glasse, Emery and those two babes are so funny. They are so afraid of debate they actually boycott and then whine about it. It appears to me they are just chickens. They are so afraid, especially Pelline, of us that he moderates us while allowing his lemmings to publish anything they want. I say good. We have truth on our side. He has nothing but a few nutty leftwingnuts. Russ alone has much more traffic and when you see the Union's numbers, Pelline isn't even 1/100th of that.


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