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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Somaili Pirates Murder Four Americans

When will the world get off its butt and deal with these pirates?  We have a problem and yet no one seems to want to deal with these high seas scumbags.  The latest atrocity is told HERE.  I guess there must be a disconnect with the rule of law on the high seas and until it is addressed it appears many more people will be murdered by these Muslim thugs.

Somali pirates seem to able to stop and kidnap at will.  I have to give Obama credit as the only world leader so far who has spread some Somali pirates brains a couple of years ago. Where is the vaunted UN?  Nowhere I guess.  Maybe they could pass a resolution of outrage.  I have heard these pirates have over 600 people in their possession.  The time is now for Obama and David Cameron of Britain to send in the troops and take care of these scumbags, just like Thomas Jefferson did over 200 years ago. HERE is a short video news story as well

These Americans were Christian missionaries spreading the Word and distributing Bibles all over the world.  They were peace loving people and the pirates could care less.  Two men and two women, murdered by Islamo-fascists again.


  1. Todd, it seems to me that something larger is going on with the Somali pirate problem. Stopping small boats with small-armed pirates assaulting big ships is not a tactical problem, nor is it a strategic problem since we know where they live. There must be a bigger reason why these guys are allowed to survive and operate out of an open and undefendable coastline. Thoughts?

  2. Apparently their is some maritime law lines which no country wants to cross. What that is I am ignorant about. I thought when Obama allowed the shooting of those pirates a couple of years ago that the issue was now being addressed. Apparently not as we see more and more of these acts. I remember that some of these big ship owners placed armed guards on their ships to deter these pirates but I am not sure it is still happening. My guess is the insurance money may be big and it becomes a dollar and cents issues with ship owners. Small craft is another thing. With people not allowed to carry weapons in most other countries these pirates get a free hand at their trade. I would like to see the USA go rogue and take out the scumbags.


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