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Friday, February 11, 2011

Arizona Sues Feds On Lack of Immigration Enforcement and Reimbursement

Jan Brewer has decided to do a tit for tat with Obama/Holder and countersue them for the lack of immigration help Arizona is experiencing.  This all stems from the passage of SB 1070 passed last July in Arizona.  It enjoys 70% support by Arizonans and a similar level of support by other Americans.  You can read the 17 page bill HERE.

Brewer is simply asking the courts to determine the levels of enforcement and reimbursement under the law.  This is the same problem California has, except here we are in the tens of billions every year.  You can read the article on Arizona's lawsuit HERE

Most Americans do not support the Feds suing Arizona.  It is simply a power play by them to force state's to do heir bidding.  I hope Arizona prevails because it will set the record straight regarding the responsibility of the federal government and allow state's to be paid back for carrying the water for them.  California should join the suit but I am sure they won't simply because Jerry Brown agrees with Obama and they are both democrats.  To me it isn't about partisanship as we saw with Arnold supporting Obama.  Arnold was of course wrong, but he is now gone and probably soon to be a appointed member of an Obama task force on global warming. And Arnold  is also married to a Kennedy which I am betting had a lot influence on his decisions.

Arizona's law simply enforces federal laws on the books regarding the tactics and rules to enforce immigration.  I believe the law should have included a provision for profiling but in our PC world that would simply enrage the liberals and cause to much trouble.  How we can tie our own law enforcement's hands by not acknowledging that most terrorist attacks (95%) are caused by middle eastern men is beyond me.  Same for illegal immigrants.  Most are from south of the border and judging from the estimated numbers, some say 20 million, it seems logical to use profiling.  Well, Arizona left that out but was still accused they would be using profiling.  That is how desperate the PC crowd and La Raza were to defeat the bill, SC 1070.

California under Pete Wilson and to some extent Gray Davis, did try and get reimbursed for our 12 billion dollar or so annual expense we Californians pay to take care of the illegal immigration here.  Since our budget deficit is a similar amount, maybe there is a connection?  I simply want anyone who wants to com and live here to do it legally.  Get in line and take your turn.  Assimilate into the American culture and speak our English ;language.  Contribute to the economy and don't be a burden and when all is said and done,  the immigrant will be welcomed as a American.  So I hope Arizona prevails and in my dreams I wish California would jump on board as a ccompanion to Arizona in their lawsuit.

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  1. Where was John McCain when this problem with illegal Mexicans was developing in years past? Where was the leadership in addressing the problem that came to our attention all the way back to the 1980’s, when the numbers were much smaller? Where is the accountability?


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