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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obamacare Down 21 Points

Well it looks like Obamacare is headed for the dustbin of history.  The latest Rasmussen Poll on the issue shows a freefall of the American people's opinion of the plan.  The poll was done with likely voters (LV) and done last week.  You can see the RCP averages HERE

The Rasmussen statement of the polls results are HERE.

What strikes me is the common sense of the American people, well at least everyone except the liberals.  They want socialized medicine and like a tick on a barnyard dog, the liberal will keep on trying.  The bulk of America though is opposed.  80% of the people like their healthcare plans and when you have such a huge number, it was simply total hubris by Obama/Reid/Pelosi  when they shoved this partisan law down the people's throats.  A huge misread by the left has turned the people on them.  November 2, 2010 was the first major victory for the rational people taking back it's  country from the kids.  Viewing the action in DC from Nevada County over the last couple of years it is clear to me the DC politicians live in a cloister.  They don't even care about anyone from outside the beltway, they know best they say.

What is also fascinating to me is the lack of respect for their own state's concerns.  You would think a Senator and Congressman would consult with his home state to make sure they are for or against some thing as far reaching as Obamacare.  Well, I guess they didn't.  With 26 states suing it and Virginia suing on it's own, there has to be some states in the mix with a democrat representing them.  This is why many of the people who voted for the socialized medicine were defeated.  I learned at the local level that you need to consult with people before the vote.  That is politics 101.  Yet in DC, it appears the left could care less.

Many state are going down the tubes because the DC crowd has sent thousands of laws and regulations in the form of mandates down to the state and local jurisdictions.  We have reached critical mass of the good intentions of our DC crowd.  Added to the legislation we also have the regulations.  The Executive branch over the years has usurped the legislative branch and in my view turned our Constitution on it's head, by enacting rules and fees without our elected representatives approval.  This has neutered our Congress in total conflict with the law.  Congress needs to regain it's authority and disallow these Executive branch takeovers.  They can do this by refusing to fund them.  I would love to see that!

California government is a mirror of the DC crowd.  very year they pass another 1000 laws or more.  Even though the people have voted in the past to require a fiscal study of every bill to insure it does not add to deficits or create unfunded mandates to the local governments, the pols  just thumb their noses, make some phony=baloney findings of monetary neutrality and pass it.  Well, we can see the results of this hubris.  Term limits (which I oppose) have had no impact on the elected officials outcomes in Sacramento.  The only hope I can see at all levels of government is the election of conservatives.  Then when elected, we need to hold their feet to the fiscal fire.  If we don't bring sanity back to our governments, America will perish sooner than later.  We have a chance, based on the people of good will taking back our country from the political class, to save America.  Obamacare hitting the dustbin is the first major victory for freedom and common sense in our wonderful country.



  1. Could be because the CBO admitted that it will kill 800,000 jobs in the US.

  2. That is just one law. When they are done we will have no jobs at all.


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