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Friday, January 7, 2011

Democrats in DC are so Disgusting

I watched the Schumer show yesterday and the Reid show a bit today.  They have their talking points going and a lapdog press dutifully fails to ask these leftwingnuts any coherent questions about their ridiculous tripe.

After watching Pelosi, the day before she was booted, tell us all how much money she saved us over her term and how Obamacare and the stimuli were something she was so proud of,  I had to run to the toilet to retch my guts out. What is worse is the press lets her get away with her lying. I think she is a loon.

I am someone who has had a hostile press and that was at the local level.  She and the rest of the lying democrat party members are the recipients of a press love fest.  The loser is the American people who don't get the truth, unless they watch FOX.  I saw the liars of the left on CSPAN, unfiltered by the loving lame streamer press.  Then I watch news later and I did not recognize what I actually saw.  It was spun to make Pelosi look sane.  Schumer and Company also spewed lie after lie    We should revoke the press core credentials.

What I found most interesting though is the democrat party is trying to rewrite the history of the last four years and they only took a couple of hours to do it.  Is that hubris and arrogance or what?  Well, at least we whipped the little boys and girls so badly that they have to lie to feel they have any relevance.  The truth is so bad, these democrat nuts know the American people have had enough of them.  Hopefully for a long time.

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  1. Time will tell Todd. As with the hopes for the November election, we will have to wait and see if 2012 is the cement. November was the mix, 2012 will be the pour, then it will take another 2 years to see if it truly becomes solid.


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