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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pelosi Bloviates Longer than any Booted Speaker in My Memory

Wow, it was wonderful to see John Boehner receive the gavel wasn't it?  The R's have now taken the oath and regained control of the House from the kids. But, I and many others were yelling at the TV asking Nancy Pelosi to SHUTUP and get off the rostrum!

She just had to remind everyone why she and her party were booted from power I guess.  She regurgitated the leftwing crap about how great they are and all the wonderful laws they passed.  This woman is nuts!  She had a phony smile most of the day and the grim faces of the democrats made me cheer for our success.  They know the R's will take the House to new great success and they, the democrats, will have no way to stop them.

I was also interested to see the vote totals for speaker.  There were others who had one vote, and Heath Schuler of North Carolina got 11!  That is what is left of the Blue Dogs.  Maybe they will see the light and actually support republican policies. 

Well, here we go, and lest I forget, over in the Senate, Harry Reid and his band of dopes are trying to change the filibuster rules to a simple majority.  I guess Harry just can't hack the rules Robert Byrd put in place many years ago when the Senate went from a 67 vote to a 60 vote for cloture.  The democrats up in 2012 are the next batch to go and Harry will sneak back to Searchlight to cry.

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