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Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Liberalism is a Mental Disorder", How True.

There is a book by Michael Savage a radio talk show host with the title "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder". I have not read the book but I certainly agree with the title.  It seems Mr. Savage has put to paper what many of us have known for a long long time.

The latest example of this is the shooting in Tucson.  A non political nutcase did this heinous act but it wasn't five minutes in the news until liberals and democrats were blaming conservatives, Republicans ,talk radio, FOX News, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  Of course we responded with the truth and the facts, backed up by many people who knew the shooter, that he was not political.  This did not stop the left from pursuing the lie and for the most part most Americans were smart enough to disagree with the ,leftwing propaganda. When we read the leftwing tripe it was clear that many of the posters are unhinged.  Mental disorder can be the only explanation.

Even the Sheriff of Pima County, a leftwing political hack as it turns out, was blaming talk radio, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and FOX News.  I was very proud of Megan Kelly on FOX when she pressed the Sheriff about his accusations and all he could do was spew DailyKOS and Huffington Post talking points.  Megan skewered the hapless Sheriff.  Also, when I saw the pictures of the shooter he had lots of hair.  Remember that?  When he was taken to jail, they shaved his head clean.  The thought I had when I saw that nuts picture then was, maybe the Sheriff wants everyone to thing the shooter is a skinhead? 

Locally, we had the usual left vs right posting on all the blogs and as it turns out, in my view, because we were telling the truth on the right, the left was defeated and now as usual, the politicians, some on either side, want to use this tragedy for political gain by passing restrictive laws on the rest of us.  That is always the case whenever there is a random shooting.  Usually the left wants more gun control and the right wants more police protection.

What I see from these incidents is a matter of balance.  The knee jerkers always desire to restrict the rest of us and modify the Constitution to meet their views while we freedom lovers say no.  Place the blame on the shooter, not society.  Punish him not society.  The knee jerkers ratchet down our freedoms because in their shameless way, they really are people who want to control the rest of us.

This week the people of Tunisia threw out their President for Life and of course there was violence and death in certain areas of the country.  Why is this important?  Because even an Arab country and its citizens are willing to boot the hegemonist in their own country to achieve freedom.  The natural desire is freedom, even though it has many warts.  The people will rise up and demand it eventually because the smothering of them is no longer acceptable.  I would say you will see this in Venezuela, and Iran and maybe even North Korea over time.

America is amazing.  We now have ways to ensure the truth is available yet the liberal apparently hasn't figured out that yet.  Americans make mistakes but as long as we stick to the individual rights we have guaranteed ourselves in our Constitution, we will be OK.

So, it seems to me the only cure for the left in our country is a sot in the arm, of truth and freedom vaccine.

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