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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back from Snowshoeing at Donner State Park

Well I am still alive!  It was a beautiful day weather wise and there were about nine of us and two dogs that did the trek.  While we were away I fired up two crock pots of my stew so when we got home we would have a great dinner.

The trek was pretty easy but those snow show are so different from my New Balance sneakers!  The temperature was perfect, and there was not a cloud in the sky.  There were many people on the trails, cross country skiers too.  I was very tired when we got back to the car and thank goodness Ramona did the driving.  When we got back we dropped of the shoes and poles to Mountain Recreation ($15 each) and went back to my place to eat.  Well, the stew was a hit with every single person having two bowls and lots of garlic french bread.  Even Minh, a girl bought by one of the fellows scored two bowls.  She works for the Legislative Analyst in Sacramento.

So after everyone left, I got to watch the last half of the GB vs Atlanta (going on now at 42 to 14 GB) game and relax in my Lazy Boy.  Dishes later.

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