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Monday, January 17, 2011

60 Minutes Confirms Loughner was Just Nutty and a Pot User

I never watch 60 Minutes anymore, maybe for the last ten years or so, but I did last night because I wanted to see if they cleaned up their act in the reporting of politics.  They had become a propaganda voice for the left many years ago and I just wanted some balance.  I was consistently disappointed with them so I stopped watching.  Last night I was very pleased to see they did a excellent job on the life and friends of the Tucson murderer Jared Loughner.

It appears to me the affects of the Internet, talk radio and FOX make it impossible for even 60 Minutes to slant a story (at least this one) to smear the right.  The truth is the man, Loughner, is a nut.  The Pelly fellow even asked the writers of a paper on assassins from 1999 if politics was the reason and they said nope.  Most assassins, almost everyone of them, are killing for reasons other than politics.  Also, Jared's old friends confirmed how unhinged he became and the video Jared filmed at the Pima College campus pretty well confirmed he was unhinged.

The New York Times also has done an in depth story, you will find it here. Though some of their observations are very questionable, the Times did a almost balanced view of Loughren. He certainly hated George W. Bush. His favorite books as disclosed by the Times,   "Among the books that he would later cite as his favorites: “Animal Farm,” “Fahrenheit 451,” “Mein Kampf” and “The Communist Manifesto.” Also: “Peter Pan.”

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.  The little girl has to be in heaven I am sure.  So does the rest of the unfortunate folks shot by the deranged guy.  I pray for Mrs. Gifford to recover and return to a full and unhampered life.  There will always be Loughner's who use violence to satisfy whatever sick need the have, but for the most part, Americans don't accept his acts as normal.  We may talk up a storm, use many kinds of words to describe our feelings, hopes and desires, but we don't use violence to achieve those ends.  We in America prize our personal freedom and the government is subservient to that freedom.  Other country's and their citizens are not as lucky.  My dad who fought in the Pacific in WW2 would be deeply disappointed in all of us if we let the Loughner's diminish the freedoms he fought so hard for.


  1. I see that your headline includes that Loughner used pot. Are you of the opinion that marijuana use leads to murder?

  2. Read the New York Times story. That is where it came from. Pot was one of his drugs which his friends say changed him.


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