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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Texas v California

What is it about California that makes it want to self destruct? I have been here all my life as was most of my family tree and I just shake my head in disbelief that our once great state ha become so dysfunctional. The election of November 2, 2010 cemented in the dysfunction.

I ran across this article on why Texas and other places are now much more attractive than the Golden State when it comes to jobs(California had no net job increases since 1998)  and business. Go here fot the article in Forbes by Joel Kotkin.

We used to be the bastion of innovation and freedom.  We have allowed the political class and the public sector unions to take over most aspects of our personal and business lives, all for the sake of protecting their turf and us from ourselves.  Now with Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown as the governor, and an Assembly and State Senate without a single switched seat, we can look forward to more and more ratcheting sown of our freedoms (unless the redistricting commission works).  With ridiculous "green" agendas and a California version of "cap and trade", the only winners will be those gazillionaires who financed the defeat of Prop 23.  When everyone's electric bills skyrocket, when the gas fill up costs $100 bucks for a subcompact, and when the energy police arrive at your house for the mandatory audit, maybe then people will regain their senses?  No, I think we have gone to far left.  Even the leftwingnut Hollywood movie makers are fleeing the state.  When that happens you know we were right when we tried to right the ship.



  1. California has launched the energy police training program. More details at NC Media Watch:

  2. Russ, we told them didn't we. When I was a Supervisor the state would be shoving some new regulation down the throats of the people and it required regulators. I always called them the FILL IN THE NAME police. It started with smoking in the mid eighties. There are many examples.

  3. Gawd I hope you are wrong Todd, because if it costs $500 to fill my motorhome the dream is gone.

  4. Soultion... pack up and move out of California.

  5. I love California. My children and grandkids are here. Were they not, I would be gone, and occasionally come visit the beauty of this state. We have it all here from the beaches to Death Valley, and I've worked all my life here, and paid all my taxes here, just to watch the idiots drive us into deep, deep doo-doo.


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