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Monday, November 29, 2010

Makers and the Takers

Now that Kamala Harris has been declared the victor in the AG race, it looks like a clean sweep for the left in California's statewide offices.  Also, without one legislative swap at state and federal levels, California has become worse the Massachusetts in its left wing partisanship.

When there is no turnover in supposedly competitive political offices, it means one thing, gerrymandering works.  Along with gerrymandering, California has become the destination of choice for people who I describe as "tax takers".  Our welfare rates are something like 3 times the average for the rest of the country.  Our tax and regulatory burdens are the worst as well.  This attracts people who would rather live off the largess of others, in our case, the taxpayer, rather than work.  Of course the regulatory burdens passed on to us has sent "makers" scurrying away to oter states and countries.  This creates a vacuum as well, filled by the unemployed and the lazy.

My sister lived in Hawaii for 17 years and has since relocated to home here.  She moved to Hawaii as a committed liberal in the medical profession.  After living and working there she returned as a staunch conservative.  If one reviews Hawaiian policies and laws you can see why liberalism in it truest form, fails.  Many people have one way tickets to Hawaii, arrive at the airport, travel directly to the welfare office and sign up for an immediate check.  They take their packs and squat on the beaches.  I have seen this for myself.  Medically, the same liberal policies have BK'd  Hawaii that will be BKing California, oops, that's right, we are there already.

Makers flee when they are overburdened in the bottom line return if work and investment.  Money and business flow like water to the path of least resistance.  California seems not to care and we get to see the results everywhere, even here in Nevada County.  High unemployment, people dependant on a government check, no accountability and a rigged political system have made the Golden State a tarnished image of itself.  With bad laws like AB32, CEQA abuse and confiscatory taxes and fees, only a conservative awakening can save the state.

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