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Monday, November 29, 2010

Demographics of the California Voter

There ahas been all this liberal talk about "purple" in Nevada County as well as chest thumping by California democrats regarding party registrations.  Well I was rummaging around the Internet and came across some interesting breakdowns done by different organizations here in the state.  One was by the PPIC, Public Policy Institute of California, established in 1994 by Hewlett of HP.  It is supposed to be a non-partisan non-profit (I have my doubts) but in this two page report they issued in September 2010, I think it may be.

The Wikipedia entry says in part abut PPIC the following:
"Public Policy Institute of California is an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit research institution. Based in San Francisco, California, the institute was established in 1994 with a $70 million endowment from William Reddington Hewlett. The information that it distributes are for state, local, and federal officials, as well as non-profit and private sectors leaders, public media, and the general public. The institute is known to the general public from, among other things, newspaper reports of its polls of public opinion on issues related to California public policy.
Research by the institute focuses on population issues, the economy, governance and public finance. Besides its multidisciplinary staff, the PPIC has a visiting fellows program for scholars and a summer intern program for graduate students."

The report is here.  

What I found interesting are the income statistics which show R's and D's about even here. Also, likely voters in both camps were about split evenly on voting turnout by age.  Almost identical from 35 years and up.  There are ethnic breakout stats and regional stats.  Seems our area is similar to the Orange Co./San Diego numbers.  The elephant in the room though are the twin liberal strongholds of LA and San Francisco.  They are so populated by lefty registration and have been gerrymandered so well by the democrats that California will be doomed to failure unless that gets changed.  Hopefully the Commission can put a dent into the democrat hegemony in our state.

At least Nevada County, our Congressional, Assembly and State Senate Districts willl probably remain very red for a long time to come, regardless of what the local leftwing extremist's think.

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