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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Way past time to return to our "normal" lives

I shake my head in disbelief on the fumbling of our state and states by numbskulled Governors.  We have allowed some disease "specialists" to scare the hell out of everyone here and around the world regarding the Wuhan/China virus.  Sure it is infectious and I am terribly sad for the lives this scourge has taken. But my goodness we need to move along.  The recovery rate is as good as the common flu which takes many lives every year.  I have never had a flu shot because they don't really work for many of us.  I think we who survive these diseases keep the gene pool in better shape.  I have recovered a couple of times from the flu and that has made my body resist these attacks.  Hopefully, I will survive this virus if I get it but who knows?

Americans have survived a lot of terrible things and we are better as a people for our stamina and resistance.  Humans are under attack from these kinds of viruses all the time.  I call the results of these pandemics and epidemics a "culling" of the herd.  And we humans do get a herd immunity too.  In the animal kingdom, other than we humans, those creatures don't last too long anyway.  If you think about it, and watch those nature programs on TV you will know what I mean.  Our little pets, dogs , cats, birds and fish, make it maybe twenty years at best.  We get to see up to 100!  And that is a great increase since the beginning of the last century as medicines and sanitation practices were implemented.  Today there are many countries whose people die really early because they have not yet started what we Americans created.  Penicillin started it and then the eradication of diseases spread by mosquitoes and flies spread across the planet.  Yet a disease like malaria kills millions in Africa and other warmer regions.  Why?  DDT was banned after the propaganda book "SILENT SPRING" by Rachel Carson was published.

So here we are, hiding in our homes, many forced by unconstitutional edicts by power-mad Governors and bureaucrats.  And the country is going down the crapper as the unemployed numbers head over 30 million.  It seems to be common sense is missing in these elected people across the land.  Sure we might save some people from the virus but what about those that will die from not getting their cancer surgery?  Or all those overdoses from fentanyl and other opiates?  Drugs and alcohol ravaged the country prior to this virus and no governor closed his state.  We are lucky to be here anyway.  What are the odds of our creation and staying power?  Humans have survived somehow and as in the creature world, it is and always has been, the survival of the fittest.  Big fish eat the little fish. So to speak.

I watch every day the pronouncements of disease experts and am amazed they cannot see the other issues that have arisen from this virus.  If we don't take the risk of getting our country going and the people back to work, we risk revolution.  All this power-mad stuff coming from the Governors is so risky to our way of life I would have thought some would see it and move their states back to normal. A couple of them have and the results seem to play out fine.  Florida and Georgis have seen a fall in infections after they reopened.  Wisconsin's Supreme Court today overthrew that state's Governor's overreach on their shutdown.  We will see more of this as people across America want to get their lives back on track.  We don't want handouts we want to work.  Americans are seeing the downside of the power of rogue elected officials who disregard our laws and Constitution.

It was President Reagan that said "we are only one generation away from our demise" if we fail to keep these officials in line.  And it appears to me that is what is going on.  These governors are testing the waters to see how far they can push their power.  Americans must defeat these people and replace them with people that follow the law.  We all are expected to follow the law yet these officials seem to make up their edicts on whims of "security".  Emotionally they know humans respond to that so they push, push, push.  Now we see them arresting people for walking on the beach or fishing or wanting to reopen their businesses.  I say rebel and make them look like the ogres they are.  All they are doing is so unAmerican to my sensibilities it just has to be challenged and stopped.  Sure people will die, that is something that happens thousands of times a day from many things.  And that is a sad thing.  I lost my mother and younger brother last year and I miss them greatly.  But that is life and they had good ones for the most part.  My demise will come and so will yours.  But if we want America to survive as a great country, full of freedom and individual rights, we must reject these lockdowns and boot the officials that put them in place.

The bottom line is America likes to work likes to play and likes their rights.  Those that stand in the way of that will pay a heavy price.  Take back our country from these tyrants NOW!


  1. Todd, well said.
    As hard as it is, yes people die and it’s not just from Covid19. Most citizens were judicious during the beginning of the SIP orders, but it has gone beyond that. Policies for reopening the state(s) are ridiculous and inconsistent. Government has now overstepped its boundaries infringing on the rights of American Citizens.
    People say how many lives to be lost? How many lives have been lost to protect our freedoms?
    Suzanne Grass

  2. Todd I agree with what you said wholeheartedly. Continue to fight for our rights as you always have stood for what was right and stood for the American way and our Constitution that our forefathers gave us. Thank you for that Todd.
    Covid-19 has been horrendous and taken too many lives one life was too many. We Americans have sheltered indoors for the last couple of months and as the reports show covid-19 is lessening thank God for that. It is time to reopen our country allow people back to work back to the Great outdoors get some of that Sunshine that doctors say keep us healthy open the schools and the restaurants all the businesses. We are adults and have learned social distancing to open our country safely is what I'm talkin about. We adults if we choose to go outside that is our constitutional right to open up our businesses if people do not choose to go out that is their constitutional right to stay home where they feel it's safe.
    Anything beyond this any government official demanding we stay in now is breaking our constitutional rights and our forefathers fought for our constitutional rights they belong to we the people!
    Cruise ship once said we will take you over from within. This is a pretty scary thought at this time if we the people allow any government official to take away our constitutional rights we possibly could lose them forever. I pray God will not allow that to happen to us I pray we have the courage to stand up for our rights as Americans and not allow this to happen to us. One way in California is to recall newsom and at the November election vote out the Democrats. there was a time years ago I voted between partisans Democrats and Republicans however now it seems as if the Democrats went to the dark side the Communist side trying to destroy our constitutional rights that is evil. We the people need to protect our rights now is the time to be strong and courageous and stand up for our rights. I pray God will bless America bless President Trump. I will be voting Trump 2020 and Republican all the way cannot allow this
    communistic take over.
    I do not believe our tax dollars should go to illegal. I believe everyone has the right to come to the United States and become a United States citizen legally and I would be the first one to help them. Anyone who doesn't under the stand the word illegal please look it up that's not the way our country was set up. We have good hearts here and I'm proud to be an American very proud so many came from other countries to become a United States citizen and that's what United States is all about. We the people of the United States of America welcome anyone to come legally! That's what the Republican side stands for. May God bless America! May God bless President Trump!

  3. Trump’s 2020 budget asked Congress to cut the pandemic preparedness budget by $102.9 million, part of $595.5 million in requested cuts to public health preparedness and response outlay.
    “Obama left office with an unblemished record of building up the nation’s pandemic preparedness,” the newspaper said. “Trump systematically sought to dismantle it.”
    Trump has since blamed his predecessor for lack of personal protective equipment and testing supplies, saying “our cupboards were bare. We had very little in our stockpile.”
    But the newspaper said a chart provided by the Trump administration with the budget shows that by 2016 ― Obama’s final year in office ― the nation’s public health emergency preparedness was at between 98% and 100% by every key measure.
    “That’s by the Trump administration’s own assessment,” the Post-Dispatch said. “If the cupboard was bare, it’s because Trump swept it clean.”

    1. Obama left the cupboards nare. And Trump refilled them. You lefty types are the worst at planning for these pandemics. Trump got the ventilators and the PPE's that your heroes decided against. You cannot fool those that read the truth about you here.


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