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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Trump and the deplorables new theme song


  1. How much taxpayer's money was flushed down a rat hole by the California Governor and the A.G. insane effort to require President Trump to give them his tax records to be on the California ballot? The California State Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Governor and A.G. as expected.

  2. Trump Ordered it.
    Rudy Directed it.
    Mulvaney withheld the aid.
    Sondland executed it.
    Pompeo knew about it.
    White House tried to cover it up!!
    Country over Party

  3. I'm so Glad we have a president that lives to this theme song!
    He is a true American!
    God bless you President Trump and God bless America!

  4. Nancy Pelosi caved to the hard left loons and made sure that President Trump will be elected to another term. How many Dems will vote against impeachment? Some already have stated they will vote no. President Trump will be appointing more Judges to the Supreme Court and the lower courts! More winning!

  5. Pelosi is far left. She is a loon and has lost any credibility. Her attacking Rosen yesterday showed how thin the skin of these demoncrats is.

  6. President Trump's reelection will piss of a lot of liberals. Thank you Nancy Pelosi for making sure President Trump will appoint yet another to the Supreme Court and fill even more lower court Judge seats!

  7. WOW! What a great week for President Trump. The democrats are self-destructing and the really good juju is Trump’s. All the hearings and accusations by the democrats mean Trump 2020 is almost a certainty. We lived through three years and an anal exam regarding the Rooskies and the democrats came up with nothing. So they tried racism, sexism and homophobia. All failed. Then a perfectly normal phone call is leaked by a traitor and mischaracterized to the willing media. When Trump released the transcript the traitor’s words were shown to be falsified and the democrats scrambled to try and save themselves. When nothing stuck the Adam Schiff show started and we saw a total abuse of power by the scoundrel Schiff. He got the rules changed so he could deny the Republicans witnesses and legal representation. He gaveled down Republican women trying to get fairness returned to the proceedings. It truly was a Schiff show of absurdity and power mongering.

    The when that kangaroo court was done, it went over to the next kangaroo court Chaired by a Nadler. A fellow that we all know has lifetime animus to Trump. He used the same tactics as Schiff and even had three uber partisan “constitutional scholars” come to prosecute the President. One loon even made a distasteful joke about Baron Trump. Later giving a phony apology. Without precedent, Nadler allowed a witness he called and interrogated to then climb to the dais and become a questioner. I and every honest and fair American could not believe he did this ridiculous move. And that person, Burke, as well as the three democrat witnesses were shown to be heavy donors to the democrats. Maybe a little teensy bit biased? Then today we see the democrats in the house issuing two articles of impeachment against Trump. No bribery or extortion to be found. Simply Abuse of Congress (Trump has the audacity to ask for a court ruling) and something Nadler and Schiff conjured up calling it a “abuse of power”. And that was for supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine! Now the democrats have announced they will start hearing tomorrow night at 7pm and finish in the morning with their kangaroo court rulings.

    Remember this is a duly elected, fair and square President. After the kangaroos vote they will send it to the Senate where it will die a deserved death. To top things off, the Nancy Pelosi cabal finally voted on the Trade Deal and my guess is they think it will divert attention from their COUP. Thanks goodness we have alternative media and the mainstream stenographers can’t get away with their lies any more. The up shot of all this is a big THANK YOU to the democrats for ensuring TRUMP gets re-elected and we gain the House and keep the Senate. The modern-day WHIG party will rue the day they tried this COUP.

  8. All your conspiracy theories about steele dossier and the deep state died today!!! LOL

    Mexico will pay for it
    Biggest inauguration crowd ever
    I will release my tax returns
    No Deals in Russia
    The meeting was about adoption
    North Korea's nuclear program is done
    I don't know about hush payments to Porn Star Stormy Daniels
    "us" is a reference to USA, not me!

  9. It appears you did not hear the whole hearing. All our allegations were confirmed. And there was a deep state conspiracy. Where did you get your disinformation?

  10. Great theme song for the President! Thanks Todd.


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