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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

IG Report confirms deep state and bias to destroy Trump in FISA

I watched the Senate panel interview, Mr. Horowitz, the IG fo the AG department who was tasked with the review of the FISA process regarding FBI surveillance on the Trump cam-paign.

It was clear during the Senator Kennedy (Louisiana) that the IG actually knew there was bias but could not write it into the report.  The reason?  He asked the perps if they were biased and they said of course not.  So under the rules the IG had to claim no bias was found.  We have common sense and know this is total BS.  One would have to set aside all their common sense to not see the huge amount of bias and the personal animus the perps in the FBI and the AG exhibited.  Of course the media uses the "no bias found" mantra to try to convince us there was none.  But we are smarter now.

Hopefully, the shenanigans and criminals that did this to the courts and the American people will get their just desserts.  Criminal prosecutions are in order to get these "Seven Days in May" coup leaders a spot in Leavenworth.  Maybe Guantanamo?

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