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Monday, March 18, 2019

New Zealand killer just like the rest

I am saddened and mad that a maniac went into a place of worship and murdered all those people in New Zealand.  This seems to happen all over the planet and usually by males.  What I don't understand is how someone can do this and do it with some form of "justification".  Life is precious.  We on planet earth should be thankful we have this special thing called life.  After all, this is the only place in the universe that we know life exists.  But alas, there are people that murder for many different abhorrent reasons.  But still, the gift should be protected.  In America, we try our best to protect the people from these killers but as we know some still achieve their dastardly goals.

What is different these days though is the attempts to tie President Trump and "white" people to this death type cults.  Sorry but that is ridiculous.  These killers have existed for as long as man has been alive.  Though most people suppress this hidden DNA link to death there are some that can't.  And there are religions that promote death over life and that to me is the ultimate insanity.

In Australia and New Zealand, their laws are quite strict.  Now the press today is reporting that some gun owners are turning in their weapons.  Say what?  The "guilt" plays out apparently and these folks will disarm themselves and leave themselves available for slaughter in the future.  They think the nuts and the killers care?  Nope, and so by disarming they will allow more killers to do their deeds unmolested.

President Trump condemned this act of murder and rightly blames the killer, not anyone or anything else.  But the media is all in trying to tie Trump and now even Chelsea Clinton for the murdering scumbag.  He had a "manifesto" preaching his bizarre death cult ways.  He even stated he did not like Trump and instead liked the Chinese Communists.  But the media, the dishonest idiots we all loathe, will keep pushing the phony narrative of "white supremacy".

We all know there are no races that are "supreme" over any other.  All the difference on planet earth has been made either through force (invasions) or education.  America has used education to become the light of the earth's people.  Millions come here and HOPE to succeed in our freedom society.  Whites happen ro be the majority so they are the target of those that are unwilling to do their part to keep America great.  Funny how people still want to come even though resident minorities whine about how "racist" the darn whites are.  If they were racist why would they still allow all this immigration from countries that are not white?

But that does not sell tickets for those whiners and race hustlers.  I personally love everyone and could care less about their race or ethnicity.  I do demand that if you want to move here, you become true Americans.  No hyphens.  Learn the language and no welfare. No other country allows the sort of immigration numbers America has.  And religious freedom is also paramount.  I am proud of the Muslims that have moved here and have become moderated away from parts of their religion that have been on display since the 650 A.D. era.  We all can [practice our religion.  Or no religion, as we see fit.  Our country overall is filled with rational, moderate people that do not like or practice hate or violence.  And that is because we have an allegiance to a set of documents that we all share and believe in.

New Zealand and Australia were peopled by mostly British Empire people.  They found countries with aborigines and it was not long before they took over those countries.  They are fairly homogeneous "white" people and have tried to keep immigration at a minimum over the years.  A few years ago Australia passed a law to slow the immigration of people from  Muslim countries.  I imagine the left will try to tie that to Trump too.

Will these kinds of travesties ever stop?  I say they won't until somehow people are convinced that life is more important than death. I remember when President Reagan sent Marines into Lebanon to help stabilize the country.  It was once a beautiful and prosperous country.  And then a suicide bomber drove a bomb-filled truck into the barracks and murdered 240 young men.  And that killer was a Muslim, but Trump was just a builder in Queens at the time so the left will be hard pressed to blame him. These mass killings happen and somehow if we could only see the signs of this behavior in advance.  Sigh.

Bottom line to me is this.  There are a billion firearms in the world and if we want to stop these killers the people need to meet them with equal force.  Sorry to say that, but a good man with a gun may be the only thing between these killings and the bad man with the gun.

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